Friday, January 27, 2012

Tom boy or girly girl?

Jan 22: We went over to Amy and Tyler's for a delicious dinner of ribs, scones and potatoes after church. While we were there I got a picture of Bailey hanging out on the floor watching everything going on around her. She is already comfortable in cheer jump positions....she sits in these positions a lot! Not sure if she will be into cheer/dance or sports. With a brother like Nate I am thinking she will be a tom boy because she will have to learn how to hold her own and be tuff! She loves playing with all his boy toys, but thats the only thing we have around! I am excited to see her grow and see what she takes interest in! Tom boy or girly girl? Doesn't matter to me! Whatever she does she will be great at! She is an Ence/Nelson after all :)

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cnelson said...

I suspect she will be the PERFECT combination of both!!