Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Jan 23rd: Nate went to the dentist for the second time in his life. The first time was a catastrophe so I was praying this one would be better! Lucky for me it was! The first time around we didnt even come close to getting X-rays of Nate's teeth without a major freakout session! It took me and 2 other nurses to hold hime down! This time around Nate sat in the chair and immediately opened his mouth. The nursers were talking to him and he kept his mouth open and tried talking to him. I told him he was doing an awesome job opening his mouth, but he could close it until they told him to open it. It was so funny! I guess I bribed him enough (told him we could go to Mc Donalds afterwards if he was a good boy) so he was totally ready to be brave! They stuck the first X-ray in and had him bite down and he did it no problem! Yea! Then it came time for the side ones. They put it in and he started to wince and cry a little, but we made it through it without a major freak out session! Woo hoo! Off to a good start! Then they took us back to the main room. First time around he was so freaked out by this point he wouldn't even lay down to watch the movie they had playing on the ceiling! This time around he was so good! He climbed up and watched Peter Pan. The nurse explained to him what she was going to do he then she said ok open wide. He did and she started brushing away. He did really good on the first couple teeth, but once she started to move her way to the back he started freaking out. He told her he was finished and was ready to go home. Since he was starting to freak out they had us move into the back room so he didn't freak out the other kids that were there. The nurse said it was fine that she would have the dentist brush them with his new toothbrush with their special toothpaste. While we waited for the dentist I gave Nate another pep talk and told he was doing so good and I was really proud of him for being so brave. I told him I know it can be uncomfortable and even hurt a little bit, but to be strong and let the dentist finish working on his teeth and then we would be able to go to Mc Donald's if he was good for him. Then dentist came in and started brushing away and he did pretty good...way better then the first time! There were some tears, but overall he did great! Such a relief! The best part is the dentist said his teeth look great! No cavities and he can't tell by his teeth that he is thumb sucker! Yea!!

We went to Mc Donalds and Bailey decided to join in on the fun too. This is her climbing up the playground stairs! Silly little girl!

That night Nate requested a chocolate shake for dinner and when I told him no, he settled for a smiley face pancake with a shake for dessert.


cnelson said...

Good job Nater!!!

Edmund Falkner said...

Excellent job, Nater! When you think about it, the second trip is as important as the first trip to the dentist. It's a chance to get the kid more used to the dentist and to the dental check-ups in the near future. You did a good job, being there and being supportive of your boy during the dental check up!