Thursday, January 12, 2012


Nate had his first day in primary! He is no longer in nursery...he is a sunbeam! I can't believe it! I have a child who is old enough to be in primary! So crazy! I was really nervous about him not wanting to go and not wanting anything to do with primary because he is OBSESSED with nursery!! I have never met a child more excited to go to church/nursery! Anytime we had stake conference and he couldn't go to nursery he always had a big meltdown on the way home! After sacrament was over we started walking down to the primary room and we passed his nursery classroom and he started to pull on me wanting to go in. I reminded him that he is going to primary from now on because he is a big boy. I saw his friend Porter a few steps ahead of us and hurried and said look there is Porter! He is going to primary too! Nate agreed to go catch up to Porter! Thank goodness! We went into the primary room and walked up to the front and we had the boys sit down on the chairs. I stayed in there for a few minutes, but he was acting really good so I leaned down and kissed him and told him to have fun and to be a good boy and listen to his teacher! He said Ok mom, love you bye! And waved and I walked out. A few minutes later I walked by in the hallway and he was still sitting there being good so I went to class. About 20 minutes later Bailey was acting up so I took her out to feed her and I peeked in on Nate and they were doing head, shoulders, knees and toes and he was doing it like a good boy! I was so thrilled! I saw my Porters mom in the hall (she is in the primary presidency) and I asked her how Nate was doing. She said when she walked in they were both laying on the ground, but she said their teacher assured her that they had been really good the whole time, just right when she walked in they had started getting wiggly. When church was over and I went to get him from his class I asked his teacher (Sister Shaw) how he did and she said he did good. She said he was squirmy and wiggly, but that we have to remember it is there first time out of nursery so she expected that! She said he is going to do fine and reassured me not to worry!

I got a call from his teacher the next saturday morning and she asked me if I could teach her class on Sunday. She had a baby blessing to go to and she thought it was at 1, but it was at 11. I said yes and I was actually really excited so I could see first hand how Nate really acted! Sometimes I think people sugar coat it because they don't really want to tell someone there child was acting horrible! When we got to primary Nate sat down and was doing really good. Then him and his friends kept wanting to get up and switch seats or go see their moms so it was a battle trying to keep everyone in their seats, but Nate was really good about listening to me! If I told him to sit down he would and when it was singing time he paid attention and did all the actions. He wasn't perfect, but he did pretty good for being a really active 3 year old boy! They have the sunbeams split into 2 classes and both his friends Porter are in the other class, but his friend Jocylen is in his class so that is nice! When we split off into classes I just had him and 2 other cute little girls in my class. It was a lot of fun to teach them. They are all so cute and just like little sponges soaking everything in! The lesson was on Heavenly Father has a Body. I had them draw a picture of themselves and point out all there body parts on the picture. I explained to them that Heavenly Father has a body just like we do. They each had a sticker and I told them to put the sticker on the body part I said. Then we did Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. They colored in a picture of a girl or boy. Then I had them take turns telling/showing me things they can do with their body. We went over the first article of faith and I had them memorize the first line. It was a lot of fun! They all did so good!!


cnelson said...

So sweet!!

Natalie Bergquist said...

What a great memory; well written! We have sunbeams! I can't deny we have the cutest boys & they have been amazing to not try to escape primary & run to nursery. I think they like being "big kids"! Porter still prays & thanks Heavenly Father for "nursery class" & last night when I corrected him saying "Sunbeam class" he said "Sunday class". Close enough. =P And your lesson Sunday sounded ADORABLE!!! Cute ideas!