Sunday, January 8, 2012

Buster the elf

We got a special package under our tree a few weeks before christmas this year! We were out at a friends house and when we got home there was a present from Santa sitting under the tree! Nate was so excited! He opened it up and it was our elf! We had been talking about how Santa was gonna send us one to sit in our house and watch Nate and Bailey so santa knew if they were being naughty or nice. The present included a book that we read that told us all about our new elf! It told us we had to choose a name for him. Nate couldn't decide on one so Skyler picked the name Buster! The book also said he used christmas magic to fly back and forth to see santa each night and if you touch him he will lose his magic! Everyday when he returns from seeing santa he would be hiding in a new spot and it was a race to see who could find him first! Nate was so excited when he read that part! He couldn't wait to see where his elf would be in the morning! By the time christmas came he had been all over the house doing all sort of silly, mischievous and fun things! We found him hanging from the fan, chilling Nate's stocking, on the christmas tree, digging in presents, having a snowball fight with Nate's toys, climbing the chandelier, playing in Nate's room, hiding in our room and many other fun places! I wasn't great about taking pictures every morning of where he was, but I did get a few. This was such a fun new tradition and one of Nate's favorite things to do each day! We can't wait for Buster to be back next year!

The special delivery

A few places Buster was found

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