Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Newest Addition

Say hello to our family's newest addition, D-MAX.

We saw him for sale on craigslist and were instantly in love with him! We have been wanting a dog forever, but never felt the time was right to get one. Since we are in our own home now and nate is old enough to love and play with a dog we decided now was great time! Only problem is we dont have side fences on our yard, but hopefully this will hurry up the process! We called the number and went and looked at all the cute puppies and D-MAX came right up to us! Him and Nate started playing catch right away and I believe it was love at first sight! He was born March 21 so he is almost 11 weeks old. He has been such a good dog already! Surprisingly he didnt wine once last night! He slept all night and woke up when Skyler did this morning at 5:30. We took him outside to go potty, but he didnt go, so we brought him back inside. About 10 minutes later we noticed him just starting to squat so we quickly carried him outside! He then went potty! Oh the joys of potty training! Maybe I should have nate start potty training with him! Ha ha jk! I think I can only handle one at a time! He hasnt really tried chewing on anything yet and he hasnt barked at all! We had him laying on the lawn with us last night and he didnt bark at the neighbor boys who came over! He just loved that they came up and started petting him! We are so excited to have Max as our dog! We already love him to death which is probably a good thing because I am sure we may start regretting our decision once he starts peeing, pooping and chewing on things. So far so good, but then again we havent even had him for 24 hours yet :) Nate loves him though! Its like having a new friend! They chase each other and play catch and nate cant get enough of it! He just laughs and laughs when Max chases him! Its so cute! Hopefully they will be best buds for life! Welcome to our home Max!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I look holiday weekends! It is so nice to have Skyler home and off work so we can go have fun family time! Friday night Skyler, Nate and I went to Pirate Island Pizza to eat a yummy dinner and afterwards we played in the arcade for a little bit. Then we decided to go on an adventure! Skyler knew that there was a waterfall somewhere in the Toquerville Mountains so we set off to find it. He had looked at a map and there were a ton of trails and we ended up not making the right turn so we ended up at a look off spot. It was so pretty!! The sun had just barely gone down and so it was just getting dark so you could see all the city lights of hurricane and st. george. We could also see the lake at Sand Hollow. We should have taken a picture, but of course we didn't! Since it was already dark we figured we would just go back home and find the waterfall on a different day.

This is similar to what we saw that night:)

Saturday we worked on cleaning up our yard and getting it ready for more landscaping. When I say we I mean skyler working while I bring him water :) That afternoon our friends Bryce and Blaire and their daughter Summer were sealed in the St. George temple. I am so grateful we were able to be there with them! That was such a cool experience! I have never been to a sealing where a child was being sealed to their parents and it was the neatest thing! Needless to say I was thankful I wore waterproof mascara and eyeliner! Congrats to Bryce and Blaire! We love you guys!

On Memorial day we decided to head back up to Toquerville and find the waterfall! Bryce, Blaire, Summer and their dog Shep joined us for the adventure! We packed up lunches and headed out there at 11am! This time we found the right trail no problem! We spent all afternoon out there eating, talking, laughing, splashing and having such a good time! It was such a beautiful day and we found the perfect shade spot to relax in! We headed back to St. George late afternoon and went swimming at my moms house! It was a really fun day!