Sunday, September 19, 2010


This was Skyler and I's 4th year to go to the Lion's Dixie Round-up (aka Rodeo). The Rodeo was one of our very first dates. Skyler probably doesnt remember this, but the first picture we ever took together was at the Rodeo. It has been a fun tradition for us to go every year! This year Skyler's Grandma bought us tickets to go and we thank her so much! We had a great time! Nate was so excited all day to go to the rodeo. He loves seeing horses and cows and when we told him that we were going to see them at the rodeo thats all he could talk about all day! Although he got antsy at times he really loved being there! Unfortunately Nate has outgrown his cowboy boots and he was sad he couldn't wear them! He loved his boots and we are going to have to get him some new ones so he can be a cowboy just like his daddy!

Nate loved waving to all the rodeo princesses as the rode by on their horses!

As we were leaving they had this race car sitting out on display and nate immediately ran over to it! He loves race cars! He was mad when we told him he could get in it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long time coming!

So its been just about a month since my last post and so much has happened! I wish I was updating my blog throughout this past month like I should have been! For now I am only going to post pictures of our new valances skyler and his mom made. We have been desparetly needing blinds for our living room window that is 94 1/2" long! We got a few quotes awhile back and the cheapest one we were given was $250 for just that window. We also needed one for our back sliding door because the sun comes right through our back windows in the afternoon/evening and it makes those rooms so hot! You will are also blinded by the sun if you sit in these rooms during those times! This makes dinner time miserable since the sun is beaming in on us. A few weeks ago we were at home depot getting stuff for our drip line (we got some bushes from a friend...i will post about that later!) and we happened to pass down the blind section and notice some long blinds! Well sure enough they were 96" long so they were a little longer then our window, but they were only $18!! So since they were a little longer we decided to make window valances to hang them under. We figured it couldnt be that hard and it would probably add a lot of character to the house. We went and looked at wood and crown molding and before we knew it we purchased it all and it was time to build it! I was hosting bunco at my house in less than a week and was dreading it because we were all going to be blinded by the sun and everyone would be miserable! This was the perfect solution and I was so excited! Skyler being the amazing husband he is promised me he would build the valances and have them and the blinds hanging by bunco! That was a huge relief! Well wednesday came and nothing had been built so I was getting a little nervous! How were we going to pull off building them and staining them and getting them all hung up in 24 hrs? Well a big thanks go to my mother in law for helping my husband fulfill his promise! They stayed up until midnight building them and then worked on them again in the morning finishing staining them! They dried all day thursday and skyler and i hung them up an hour before bunco started! Finishing about 5 minutes before everyone walked in the door :) I love them so much! They make such a huge difference in our house not only heat wise, but look and feel! I couldnt have asked for anything more perfect!! Thanks skyler and tammy!!!