Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's weird writing about halloween when thanksgiving already passed and I just finished putting up my christmas decorations, but I want to get it all on my blog! Thankfully Nate was not sick anymore when it was halloween day! He was so excited to go out and go trick or treating! We had a neighborhood potluck that night and then we all dispersed once it started getting dark and went trick or treating. I brought Mummy wrapped hot dogs and they were a definite crowd pleaser! We had a great halloween and the kids looked oh so cute in their costumes if I do say so myself :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sick day

Nate was sick last week with a really bad cough and he had his preschool halloween party on thursday. He had been looking forward to it all week and was so excited to dress up in his costume! He woke up coughing up his lungs and it broke my heart that I had to tell him he wasn't going to be able to go to preschool since he was sick! When Nate asked if it was time to go to preschool Skyler told him that instead of dressing up to go to preschool that he should dress up in his costume and come up to his office to go trick or treating with dad at the office. Nate loves going to daddy's work! He immediately said ok and was really excited! So glad that didn't turn out into a long blowout! Great idea Skyler! Skyler left for work and went and bought candy and told the offices around him about Nate and they all were so nice to help out and make Nate feel better about not being able to go to his party! We got to the office around noon and when we walked in Skyler came up and gave us all a big hug and then he asked Nate if he was ready to trick or treat. Of course he was! He went and knocked on the door of skyler's coworker, Russ, and when he opened it he said trick or treat! He got some candy and Russ gave him one of his golfballs he knew Nate loved! I kinda got teary eyed watching this. It was so nice of Skyler and everyone to do this for him! It made his and my day so much better! He then went to the office across the hall and trick or treated! Skyler also picked up a pizza and had it there for us to eat lunch with him. It was a great afternoon!

Backyard fun

One advantage to have a dirt backyard is being able to dig it up and make a fire pit whenever we want :) Skyler had some left over marshmallows from the deer hunt and had the fun idea of roasting mallows in the backyard one nice evening for a fun treat! We all hopped on the Ranger and went for a ride down to the river by our house and collected some fire wood. We came back and built the fire and roasted our marshmallows! They were so yummy! I love fun spontaneous nights like these with my family. My pictures are really bad again because it was night time, but you can kinda see whats going on in a blurry way :)

Pumpkin Patch

The monday before Halloween we went with some of our friends to Staheli Farms for FHE. They have a ton of fun activities for kids, a corn maze, pumpkin patch and a petting zoo. We didn't go until 7 so it was already getting dark so non of my pictures turned out good at all :( We had so much fun! The kids played on the bounce trampoline thing, we watched the pig races, they went in the petting zoo, played on the slides, played tether ball and we went on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. The kids all found the pumpkin they wanted. Lucky for us Nate wanted a small one he could lift up. So Skyler didn't have to haul a big one like one of the other dads did ha ha! Plus it was cheap! We ate dinner there and let the kids play some more and headed home about 9. It was our first time going out there and it was great!


We love playing outside, especially lately!! The weather has been so nice! It's just now starting to get cold and I am glad we were able to have the warm weather until now! For the last few weeks we have spent a lot of time on our front lawn watching Nate ride his bike up and done the sidewalk of our street. He is finally able to reach the pedals good and he can go so fast! About a month and half ago was the first time he could really reach the pedals and go and now there is no stopping him! A few weeks ago we were out talking to our neighbors and there little boy said I just saw Nate turn the corner down there and pointed to the end of the street that turns to go out on to the main (and really busy!) road behind our house! I was like are you sure? I had just saw him right next to us a few seconds before that! Skyler went down after him and when he got to him he was riding along the sidewalk on the main road! Good thing Skyler went and not me because I probably would have panicked! He had made it about 6 houses down on the back side of our house! So scary!! Skyler asked him what he was doing and he said "I am just riding my bike dad!" As if it wasn't a big deal! In all fairness we had never told him to not go that way because he had just barely started riding his bike and we never thought he would. We should never underestimate that kid! Crazy boy!

Enjoying the outdoors

Deer Hunt

It has always been a tradition for Skyler to go on the deer hunt with his Dad ever since he was a little boy. This year was the first year he could not go with his Dad because of his passing last year. He started the tradition he once did with his Dad with Nate. I know it was really special for the both of them and it's something Nate has been looking forward to ever since Skyler told him he would take him at the beginning of October. They didn't end up getting a deer, but I know there were some great memories made! As Skyler says "It's called a deer hunt...not a deer kill!"


We went to the Horizon Elementary School Carnival and Nate had a Blast!! I thought a lot of games might be over his head, but he could play all of them! His favorites were pumpkin bowling, angry birds (balls thrown at empty soda pop bottles), the bounce house, and the cupcake walk! When he went to do the pumpkin bowling he was behind a kid who was probably 8 and then it was his turn they told him to scoot up but he didn't want to he want to try it from the "big kid" line. He rolled the pumpkin and knocked down all the pins on his first try!! Everyone was so impressed! He did the cupcake walk and won a cupcake on his third try...he was so excited! They also were selling Durango's Salad and I bought one and had $2 left so I just bought 2 raffle tickets with the money I had left over and we ended up winning a basket! It was so exciting...I never win! We won the movie basket :) As we were leaving the Carnival Nate said "that was so fun...I love the carnival!" I have always loved Carnivals too. My elementary school always threw the funnest carnival and it brought back a lot of great memories!!