Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome Bailey!

I have so much that I wanted to blog about from over the last 2 months, but I dont think I will ever get updated! So instead of trying to play catch up, as much as I hate to do it, I am just going to skip them and try to start fresh and just be better!

I cant believe its already been 2 and a half weeks since Bailey has been born!! I wish time would just slow down! She is already growing up way to fast! It seems she is already losing that newborn look and it makes me sad! So I have had many requests of people wanting me to tell my labor story so here it goes (it may be TMI for many of you so skip this next section if you dont care to know all the details :)

Pregnancy/Labor Story

So this pregnancy has been way different from my first one and since the beginning my due date was constantly changing. The first due date I was given according to my period was June 24th. About a month after I finding out I was pregnant I started bleeding really bad and heavy and I thought I was possibly miscarrying so I went to the ER. They checked me out, but they told me I hadn't miscarried yet, but it was very possible that I might. They weren't sure why I was bleeding so much, but there was nothing they could do for me so they sent me home to be on bed rest until monday when I could go into my doctor. They did an ultrasound and according to the measurements of the baby they said I was due June 15th. So I went into my doctor first thing monday morning and he gave me an ultrasound and according to his ultrasound I was due June 16th. He said that I still hadnt miscarried, and I was bleeding because my placenta was starting to rupture. He said its really rare and he has only seen that a few times, but there was actually another lady that had the same problem at that same time that they were monitoring. He said mine was a lot smaller then hers and he thought that the baby would be ok, but there was still a chance I could miscarry. He started having me come in weekly to get checked and make sure things were ok. I bleed heavy for almost 2 months, but luckily everything went back to normal and my pregnancy was no longer abnormal (thank goodness!) At my 20 week appt we went in to have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby and the little stinker was not wanting to fully corporate. First he said it was 60% a girl and then he kept trying to get her to turn to see all angles to make sure, but she was being quite stubborn. By the end of the appt he told he was 80% sure, but he sounded pretty hesitant about that! He told me according to the measurements I was due June 16th and since the original due date was June 24th he was going to give me the final due date of June 18th. I was excited that my due date got moved up, but not so excited that we werent 100% sure if the baby was a girl! So he said that we could do another ultrasound later and see if we could find out for sure. 2 months later I went back in for the ultrasound where we got the message that it was for sure a girl! We were so excited!! At this point I only had 2 months left until I was due! Lots of things were going on in the last few months of my pregnancy and the last trimester flew by so fast!! Before I knew it, it was June 4th and that was a day I had been looking forward too because my sister in law and friends threw me a shower. I went to my shower feeling great! My sister in law decorated everything so cute!!
Shower pics...I dont have all the pictures from the shower, but here are a few...

So many friends and family came and I tons of great stuff!! After opening all the presents we were all just sitting there talking and they were asking me how I was feeling. I was like I am feeling good and we were talking about different things to do to go into labor, but I was like I tried them all with Nate and i was 5 days late with him so I was going to worry about doing anything. We also talked about water breaking and I said how weird I thought that would be (I was induced with Nate so I didnt have that experience the first time). That night we were over at my moms playing games because my sisters were leaving back home the next day. Skyler had been up north at coaching 7 on 7 and got back into town at about 10. Usually we stay up until 1 playing games, but I was so tired and I told skyler at about 1130 I was ready to go home. We came home and I went straight to bed! Skyler was in the bathroom and then he came out to come get in bed and shut the door and I was just about asleep when he shut it. It was kinda loud when he shut it and it scared me and I woke up startled. I thought I had peed my pants a little bit because when he shut it I felt some liquid coming out! I was like Skyler! You scared me! You made me pee my pants a little! And he started laughing. I said its either pee or my watering breaking (I was totally just kidding about it being my water breaking though! We were just talking about how weird it would be if my water broke at my moms house an hour earlier.) He laughed again and said it better not be your water breaking I am too tired to take you to the hospital (he had been out in the sun all day coaching!) and I was like I know seriously! I am way to tired to be having a baby right now! We said our goodnights and went to sleep. At about 130 I woke up to more wetness under me! I was so confused! It wasnt a ton, but I was like why do I keep peeeing my pants! I didnt think it was my water breaking because in the movies it always seemed liked a big amount of gushing water came out. I was so annoyed because I was so tired! I got up and changed put a towel down on the bed and feel back asleep! 30 minutes later I woke up again to wetness! At this point I was like my water must be breaking! There is no way I peed my pants 3 times in 3hrs! I shook skyler and said babe I think my water is breaking and we might need to go to the hospital. He mumbled ok and rolled over and feel asleep!! I realized I didnt even have a bag packed or anything ready for the hospital so I decided to pack a bag and get dressed and then I would wake him back up if any more liquid came out. As I was getting an outfit for the baby to wear home more water started coming out! I went back and woke Skyler up more forcefully this time. I said Skyler my water broke and we need to go to the hospital! He popped up and said What?! Are you serious? I laughed and said no I am just dressed and ready to go because I thought it would be fun to trick you at 3 in the morning! He was like are you sure your water broke? I was like yes I am sure, but I am not in any pain or having any contractions. He was like call you mom make sure that we need to go into the hospital even though you arent have contractions. I called my mom and she answered all chipper are you in labor? I laughed and said I think my water broke, but I am not having any that normal? She said it was and I asked her if I should go to the hospital even though I wasnt. She said I needed to go in because you can get an infection once your water breaks if you wait to long. I told skyler and he was not excited at all about this news! He called his mom to come stay with Nate while we went to the hospital. We got to the hospital at about 4am.

I felt weird walking into the hospital because I felt great! I was in zero pain! I told them my water broke but I wasnt in pain and they said ok lets have you checked. They said yep your water broke but its weird that it did because you are only dilated to a 2 and half! They said we are going to keep you here and start you some pitocin do get your contractions going.

They didnt end up giving me any until about 730 and about 30 minutes later I started to feel some contractions. At about 10:30 I got an epidural (which I loved :) It made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable! My mom and sisters got there about noon. At about 1230 they checked me and told me I was getting close and we called Skys mom and told her to head over. When her and Nate got there she brought Nate in to come see us. He was pretty concerned seeing all the wires hooked to me and he didnt like seeing me like that!

So they went back to the waiting room and she checked me again at 1 and said ok we are really close I am going to call in the doctor. She came in about 5 minutes later and said he would be in in about 20 minutes! I started getting so excited and anxious! I started feeling quite a bit a pressure and was getting the urge to push! Nate was born at 1:32pm and I thought it would be cool if she was born around the same time (it would make it easier to remember!) The doctor got there about 1:33 so I knew it would be at the same time :( I was nervous about how the pushing would go because I was so tired! I had gotten a total of an hour of sleep that night! I was hoping I had enough in me to push that baby out fast! I started pushing at 1:35 and 11 minutes later Bailey made her entrance into the world! It would have been sooner then that but her umbilical cord was wrapped around her so I had to push her out a little at a time while the doctor had to keep the cord from wrapping around her neck. Half way through he had to cut the umbilical cord before she was all the way out! She then came out and she was crying as much as they wanted her to at first and the one nurse started telling the other to call down to the ICU. The doctor then told them to clear out her throat out more and after a second she started crying pretty good. I got so scared at first, but was so relieved when they said everything was ok and she was completely healthy! She was born at 1:46 and weighed 6lbs 2ozs and was 19.5in long. She couldnt have been more perfect!

Dad got to hold her first while they were stitching me back up and then it was finally my turn!

What an amazing thing that is! There is more amazing then holding your baby for the first time! It was most definitely love at first sight!! She was absolutely perfect and I couldn't wait for Nate to come in and meet his new baby sister!! I was nervous how he would act or if he would even care. Grandma carried him in and we showed him his sister and I believe it was love at first sight for him too! He said Hi to her and kissed her. It was the most amazing thing to see! I couldn't help but tear up! Looking at daddy holding Bailey and Nate kissing was most amazing experience! Words cant explain the feeling I had! I was overtaken with love for those 3 people that mean the world to me and I think I got a slight glimpse of how much love our father in heaven must have for us! I am so thankful for Bailey and joy she has brought into our home! I am so lucky to have her and Nate for children! I have been so blessed!!!

After everyone got a turn holding her and then they gave her her first bath and got her all nice and clean!

After everyone left it was mommy and Bailey time!

We were both exhausted!

Then it was up to room we were to stay in for the night!

Then it was Daddy and Bailey time!

That was pretty much the first day of life for Bailey! I will most more pictures soon of the days following!!