Monday, June 29, 2009

Some pics of the home

I took some pics of the inside of our home today. They didnt turn out very good, but I know some people are just dying to see some pics. I didnt take any of the bedrooms because there is not much in them yet. I have unpacked everything, but my house is still empty, so I am just going to slowly decorate and paint each room and as they are finished I will post before and after pictures. We are going to landscape our front yard soon and once we do I will post pictures of the outside of our home.

Entry Way
Living room (after you walk through the entry way this is what you see)
Great room
Please feel free to come visit anytime!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Justin attempting the 360

My husband wanted me to post these videos of Justin trying to do a 360 on the wakeboard when we went to the lake last night, so he can see how he can better coach Justin on what to do :)

Pictures to come of the house soon :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Its been a long six months, but we made it! We are finally in our new beautiful home!! Well sort of anyway :) We have Nate's crib, our bed, clothes, a tv, a table , a jug of milk, 2 boxes of ceral and about 5 bananas. Everything else is out in our garage waiting to be hauled in and put into place. I am so thankful to be in our first home! We have been so blessed and are so fortunate to be in a position that we were able to build our first home! I am bummed because I wasnt able to take any pictures of us moving in because my camera is dead! I want to thank everyone who helped us move in and for those who offered to help watch Nate! We also definitely thank skyler's parents for letting us live with them for the past 6 months! I cant thank them enough for what they have done for our family and for putting up with us for that long! We have greatly appreciated it and are forever greatful!