Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here and I realized I really need a new swimsuit! Its hard to find cute modest swimsuits where I live and I just saw that Lime Ricki is doing a giveaway! They have the cutest swimsuits and I really really want one! I entered the contest here! I hope I win!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My first sewing project ever!

Today Liz {my super amazing talented friend} came over and taught me how to sew! I have done it maybe one time before but I was just goofing around not really making anything. My mother in law made me the cutest pillows when Skyler and I were married, but the yarn on them started to frae really bad and I had red fuzz balls every where so I decided it was time to recover the pillows! So here are some before/during/after photos...

Before picture:

The cute new fabric!

Liz showing me how to measure and cut

Liz teaching me to sew (she made the first one and then I made the rest)

Now its my turn to try :)

Praying I dont mess it up!

My first sewing project ever! Only 2 more to go!


All 4 pillows! {I am planning on getting 4 smaller pillows and covering them with red fabric to place in front of them :)}

Thanks for all your help Liz, you're the best! I love them!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nate is 2!!!

I cant believe it, but my baby turned 2 this last week!! I dont know where the time has gone, but sure has flown right by! He has grown up into such a fun little boy! He has such a loving personality! He is so sweet! He loves to give hugs and kisses and say I love you and it just melts my heart every time! He is definitely all boy! He runs more than anyone I have ever met and never gets tired of it! His favorite thing ever is to be chased! He could play that game for hours! Everyone who sees him for the first time and watches what he is doing always say...he must keep you are your toes! That statement couldnt be truer! I wouldnt want it any other way though! Even with as much energy as he has he will sit and watch almost any disney movie all the way through if you turn one on for him! He loves movies!! We have gone to see Princess and the Frog at the movie theater twice and he sat through the whole movie both times! He is so smart...it amazes me the things he will say and do! He is my little copy cat and it hilarious watching him try to copy the things i do! He still loves to be my little helper! He makes me laugh and smile everyday! I couldnt imagine life with out my little nate! I love him so much!

Well on his birthday morning we walked into his room singing happy birthday and he didnt know quite what to think! After a minute he warmed up and became his cute little self! I made him a special birthday breakfast of a heart shaped waffle with chocolate chip smiley face! He loved eating the chocolate chips off! Later that afternoon we went and got wendys and went and played at the park with Grandma Nelson! We had so much fun!

Friday night we celebrated his birthday at his grandma ences and had a pool party (thanks tammy)! He LOVES swimming and was so excited all day! Once we got there he wanted to get in the pool right away, but we told him he had to eat first. He didnt mind to much because he also LOVES pizza! He did have to wear his tube around him while he eat his pizza though! It was so funny! After pizza we decided to have him open his presents first because we knew once he got in the water he wouldnt want to get out! He was spoiled rotten! He got so many fun presents from everyone and he LOVES every single one!! He has been none stop playing with them since that night! It has been nice for me because I havent really had to entertain him at all :) Thank you to everyone who came and for your gifts! We really appreciate it! We love you all and thank you so much for helping us celebrate this special time!!

Easter Time!

We did a lot of fun festivities easter weekend! Saturday morning we went to an easter egg hunt at skylers parents neighborhoods park. They had an easter egg hunt, breakfast, a huge blow up slide, and a blow up bounce house! It was so much fun! Nate had a blast hanging out with his cousin Josie! It was so cute to watch them run around looking for eggs! They even had an easter bunny come and visit the kids. Nate was to scared to go say hi even with me holding his hand! One quality nate has not developed yet is patience! There were a ton of kids there and they were all taking turns to go on the slide, but nate did NOT want to wait! He freaked out when we made him wait his turn in line! All in all it was a really fun morning!

Later that afternoon we went over to my mother in laws and dyed easter eggs to hunt for breakfast the next morning. Nate enjoyed doing this but i was not loving it....he spilled the coloring 3 times and would just throw the egg into the dye instead of placing it gently. He would then want to pull the egg out immediately after putting it in instead of waiting to let it soak up some color. Oh well...at least he enjoyed it right? Then easter morning he woke up and found his easter basket waiting for him in our living room! He was so excited! He picked up the chocolate bunny and hugged it and said love you! It was so cute and funny! Boy do I love him! After that we went over to my in laws to do an easter egg hunt of the eggs we dyed the day before. Once all of them were found we ate them! They have a tradition to crack the eggs open on each others heads. Jesse cracked his on nates and nate looked at him like he was crazy and then we told nate to crack his egg on jesses head but he just head butted jesse instead :) Then I showed him how to do it and he became a pro! Nate didnt like eating the eggs (i think it was the texture) but he really enjoyed his easter breakfast toast! After breakfast we stayed and watched conference! Then we went home, ate lunch and put nate down for a nap and then watched the 2nd session of conference. Once that was done we headed over to my parents for a yummy easter dinner! We hid eggs for him to find over there too! He LOVES egg hunts! We had a really fun easter weekend and thank you to all our family for having us join them in their festivities!!