Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Tonight we had our friends Liz and Judd come over for a super fun night! They came and ate dinner and then we carved pumpkins! It is Judd's birthday tomorrow so Liz and I (mostly Liz) made Judd a yummy cheesecake! He opened the second half of his present from Liz which was a good lookin pair of nike shoes! The first half of his present was her driving up and suprising him this past weekend in California at his football game! Liz and I went up together and watched our boys play! I am so proud of both our boys! They are so amazing! We made so many fun memories and as she said in her blog post we laughed A LOT! You are awesome Liz! We are so lucky to have such good friends! She also made him a cute slideshow of the 2 of them over the past two years! It was so cute! I am so excited for them to get married in december! Skyler and Judd cut open the pumpkins and cleaned them all out and Liz and I carved them. Nate helped clean out the pumpkins too! He loved sticking the spoon in the pumpkin and cleaning it out! I carved (at least I attempted to) a ghost. It looks okay with a candle in it with the lights off, but I couldnt get a very good picture of it like that. Liz carved a cute jack o latern face with a big smile and teeth! It turned out awesome! I actually bought 2 pumpkins so Skyler and I carved that one out in a normal jack o later face. Thanks again to Judd and Liz for coming over! We always have a blast hanging out with yall!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

18 months=NURSERY!!

Nate turned 18 months on the 8th of October! I cant believe it! Can he really already be a year and a half?! He has such a fun loving personality and I just love him to pieces! He talks quite a bit now and has started connecting 2 or more words together to tell me what he wants. He knows most of the sounds the letters of the alphabet make (thanks to his letter factory video). He can count to 3. He loves to try to dress himself and put on his shoes (we are still trying to master these those). He does the funniest things and he keeps me laughing all the time! He has such a sweet heart! He loves to give kisses and hugs, especially to kids his age and younger! He loves babies and gets so excited everytime he sees one! He says lub you for love you and its so cute! He still goes 150 miles an hour if not more! I am not sure there will ever be a day when he slows down! As tired as I am at the end of the day I wouldnt want it any other way! He wouldnt be Nate if he was constantly on the go! He grew an inch and gained a pound since his last appt. He is in the 75th percentile height and weight again. The best part about nate being 18 months means he is now in nursery! It was so weird being able to sit in sunday school with skyler for the whole meeting. I kept thinking about nate and what he was doing and hoping he was being good and having fun! This is the first time an 18 months I have been able to sit through an entire class! It was nice and I know I need to enjoy it while it lasts!

1st day of Nursery--he is showing us how he prays :)

We went to sand cove on saturday and had a bbq with some friends. There was the prettiest sunset!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grandpa's 90th B-day/Newport Beach!

This past weekend my grandpa turned 90!! I cant believe it! He doesnt seem 90 at all! He is in such good health and is totally aware of everything going on! He knows who I am and who my husband and son are which is pretty awesome for a 90 year old! Anyone who were to talk to him would think he just turned 80 at the most! I love him to death! Grandpa I am so glad we were able to spend this special day with you! We wish you the best in your 90th year! We cant wait to celebrate your 100th birthday!! We went up to California to celebrate his birthday. Two of my uncles and my mom put together a HUGE party for him! It was so nice! They did an amazing job! There was over 60 people there and I am pretty sure I only knew about 10 of them! We hardly ever see our extended family and so it was nice to finally meet and reunite with everyone! The party however was not kid friendly at all! My uncles house is so nice and Nate was having a field day trying to explore and touch everything! There were only 4 kids there under the age of 14 so they didnt think of doing anything entertaing for the little ones! Thank goodness my husband is so amazing and watched him the whole time and we were there for almost 6 hours! My sister was there with her 2 little kids so Nate had fun hanging out with them. It also helped that there was a ton of balloons because Nate loves balloons! He was entertained by those for awhile! The party was at my Uncles house in Yorba Linda which is only like 20-30 minutes away from Newport. Skyler, Alena, Nate and I went to Newport Beach saturday morning before the party and it was so much fun! I have never been to Newport and it has been a long time since I have been to the beach! It was such a beautiful day! No wonder why so many people want to live there! The weather was PERFECT!! Nate played in the sand and then we went down and put our feet in the water and let the waves splash us! Nate loved it until a big wave came and soaked us! The water was freezing! Nate loved chasing the seagulls! We went and walked along the pier and watched different people doing funny things! Sometimes is nice to sit and watch people...there are some interesting ones! Then we left and started driving to my uncles and then I remembered why I will never live there! The traffic is horrible! Well this post is getting long enough so here are some pictures of our fun weekend!

Birthday Cake

At breakfast the day after the party (I didnt take any pics at the party)

Newport beach :)