Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo a day Challenge

My mom took me out for lunch on Jan 2nd and told me she wanted to take pictures because she was doing the 365 day photo challenge. The challenge is you take at least one photo a day for a year! I thought that sound like a great idea especially since on of my new years resolutions is to be better about taking pictures and documenting them! So I am going to give it a try! So here is me catching up on the last twelve days and I will be up to date!! Yay! Lets home I can keep it that way! I am not sure I will have the time to upload a photo a day but I will at least do it every week and update the whole weeks worth of pictures!

Jan 1st: So mad I didn't take a picture of Nate in his church clothes for his first day a primary! Not off to a great start ha ha! Here is Dad and Bailey taking a sunday afternoon nap!

Jan 2nd:
Since Skyler had the day off my mom and I could finally get together for her take me out for my birthday lunch without bringing the kids!

That night Skyler and I took the kids to Mc Donalds and Nate of course had a blast. Mc Donalds is definitely one of his favorite places! I think Bailey is starting to like it a lot too :)

Jan 3rd: Lucky Nate got to go to Mc Donalds again with his cousins Josie and Dallin! They came by for a visit in the morning and my house was a wreck, I hadn't showered, and Bailey desperately needed a nap! They hung out for a little while and then my awesome sister in law Amy took him to Mc Donalds with them so I could get in a shower and start on cleaning up the tornado that hit my house! Thank you again for helping me out! She took this picture of them at Mc Donalds eating ice cream!

Later that night I caught Nate on video acting like a Bull. He loves getting Bailey with his "horns." She laughs and laughs! I think it looks like it hurts, but she loves it!

Jan 4th: We put in our new entertainment center that Skyler's mom built for me for christmas. We originally were having it built for a sofa table to put behind our couch, but then we got to thinking that it would be a lot more convenient if it was in front of the couch where the kids play. If it was behind the couch there would be toys behind our living room and all over by the kitchen table. The only place to put it would be to use it as our entertainment center. So we made the switch. I am still trying to get used to it as the entertainment center! I miss the other one! This one opens up the space a lot more and it lets the extra chair we have fit in the room better, but now I feel that the wall and our house fill so bare! I need to think of a way to decorate around the TV. HELP! Any suggestions would be great!! This piece is fun and I like the color, but I feel like the other entertainment center went a lot better with our house and made it fill a lot nicer! So I am still deciding if I want to keep it as the entertainment center! There are a lot of pros and cons! I want to make new pillow covers and curtains and do something on the wall behind the TV and then I think I would like having it there a lot more! Here is a picture of the space...let me know if you have any ideas of how to decorate that wall!

Bailey enjoying it

Jan 5th: Skyler's basketball season at the Washington Rec Center started back up and we went to go watch him play. Nate usually likes to go play in the daycare for the first half of the game and then come out and watch him the second half. Skyler's team is TEAM D and the won the championship last season and hoping to do the same again!

After the game we came home and I fed Bailey dinner and then let her try some puffs. I have given he a few here and there, but she has never really been interested them until this night. She now enjoys them and it makes it nice that she can eat them when we are out and about!

Jan 6th: We didn't do a lot this day so I just took pictures of the kids at the store and later playing with Max and then wrestling with Dad! Please note the change in Nate's shirt. Right now he is in a phase where he always wants to change his shirt 2 to 3 times a day! It can be really annoying and it makes for a lot more laundry then necessary! Some days I fight it and other days when I am not in the mode I just let him.

Jan 7th: The boys started off the morning by going out and having a boys morning. They went to Black Bear (I may or may not have been upset with Skyler for taking Nate out to breakfast there when he knows I have been wanting to try it forever and haven't been yet) Nate told me he loved all the bears they had there. They then went to feed the horses and the place we are keeping them at just got some new pigs that Nate thought they were so cool! Bailey and I went out and had a little girls morning ourselves. We went and did some shopping. When everyone got home it was kinda a lazy afternoon. Bailey has been so funny lately and has been obsessed with her tongue! Every time you look at her and call her name she will stick out her tongue and start panting like a dog! Its so funny. I guess since she is at eye level with Buddy she is learning a lot from him on how to be a dog :) Every picture I took of her today she was sticking out her tongue. I got a short video clip of her acting like a dog too.

I was getting lots of loves from my babies and I loved it!! Love being a mom to these two munchkins!!

Jan 8th: My daily routine as a mom is bathing these two monkeys! Making sure teeth are brushed and they are ready for the day! Since Bailey has been able to sit up on her own for awhile now I started bathing her and Nate together. It makes things go a little faster and they have fun in the tub together.

Cute video of them when he didn't know I was recording

Jan 9th: There was such the prettiest sunset today. I made Nate run out into our backyard and take a picture with me. I am sad they turned out blurry!

Jan 10th: We took our dogs on a walk down to the park by our house. It is the first time we have been there together as a family. It was a nice night and a fun little family outing!


Natalie Bergquist said...

This is awesome! You HAVE to check out "Project Life". It's that daily photo challenge but has a kit you buy to put it all together w/ journaling cards and all. Here is my friends website who introduced me to it & she has several blog posts about it & one a few months ago showing the kit.

cnelson said...

LOVE that you are doing this!!