Monday, August 31, 2009

Whats been happening??

I havent updated the blog in awhile and we have had a lot going on! I will keep this post as short as I can so I dont bore ya! Last weekend we went to Enterprise Reservoir with our friends Danny and Chalein. We spent the day relaxing and having fun! Then they had us over for a yummy turkey dinner!

During this past week I have started painting Nates bedroom during has nap time. I put him in the spare bedroom and worked for about 2 hrs while he is sleeping. My mom and my friend Amy helped me chalk out lines and apply tape. The lines came out perfectly straight! The first couple lines I did, did bleed, but then my mother in law gave me the awesome idea of painting the line with a clear glaze and then with the color and it worked like a charm so the rest of the lines came out great! It is coming along really good and I cant wait for the finished product! I am doing a baseball themed room. I am doing an accent wall of baseball threads. I have the lines completely done, so now I just have to add the threads(thats this weeks project!) Hopefully it continues to go as well as it has!

On thursday Skyler had his last first football game ever! It was a great season opener! Skyler and the team did so good! They won the game 37-28.

Nate is getting so big, smart and is such a little stud! Here are some pics and videos we have taken of him over the last couple weeks.

I think the picture below is a spittin image of skyler!

This sunday I also got called to be the Laurel Advisor in our ward! I am so excited!! I have to admit I am a bit nervous and a little overwhelmed because I know a lot of the past leaders and they were amazing! I know I have a lot to live up to and I hope I can be as good of a leader as their past leaders! I am excited to get to know the girls and be there for them if they need me too! I love young womens and I think this will be the greatest calling ever!

Skyler had surgery this morning and I just heard everything went great! The doctor said he will be sore for awhile, but will recover in no time! We are so glad everything went great. Thank you for all your love and prayers!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amanda and Ty taking the next step!

My sister Amanda went through the St. George temple on Wed. Aug. 12 to receive her temple ordinances in preparation for her mission. It was a beautiful session. My sister Angela was able to come down from Logan and come to the session too so it was extra special. It is weird to think that my brother will be going through in about 6 months. It was so cool for us all to be in the celestial room together! I wish my husband would have been able to go, but unfortunately he had football practice and wasnt able to join us. I cant wait until Ty and Alena can go through and we can all experience the joy and happiness you feel standing together in the celestial room. That night Angela, Amanda, Ty and I went to Dennys at midnight (it's our sibling tradition-it used to just be me and Angela, and then when amanda was old enough she started to come, and now that ty has graduated from HS he's coming too. Soon Alena...soon). We always have the best time talking and catching up on each others life's! On friday, I went up to drop my brother off at Snow College with my family. It brought back a bunch of memories of living on my own for the first time and going to college. I am excited for Ty and his next step in life! He will have so much and I have no doubt he will make great friends and have the time of his life! Here are some pictures of this past weeks events!

My parents and Amanda after the temple session

I love my family! (For some reason when we took the picture my white tank top is shinning through...sorry!)

The sisters

Angela, Ty, and Amanda

Me, Angela, and Amanda

Alena, Nate and Tyler (Angela's son)

Tyler playing at the splash pad

Nate playing at the splash pad

Taking Ty to College

Siblings in Ty's new college dorm room

Parents and Ty right before we left

Mom and Ty saying goodbye

Congrats to Ty and Amanda for taking their next big steps in life! You both are amazing and will be awesome at what you are doing!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Football Season Has Officially Started!

Football season started for Skyler this week! On Tuesday they had a bunch of meetings and Wednesday they picked up their equipment and had a team dinner. Yesterday was his first day of practice! I asked how he felt after his first practice out on the field and he said "Old!" Ha ha, Its a good thing its his last year because we are not sure he would make it through another one! His 2 younger brothers are playing with him and he loves having them out on the field with him! Nate and I went and watched some of the practice and the team is looking good. We are excited football season is under way! We loved watching them play! Good luck to Skyler, Jesse, and Justin, you guys are gonna have a great season!