Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We spent the night over at Skyler's moms on Christmas Eve and we were woken up by santa himself! He came bright and early at 6am and walked into the room Nate and Bailey were sleeping in first! I was surprised, Nate actually let Santa hold him and carry him over to where his presents were! It was so fun! Bailey didn't cry either she just had a look of confusion on her face :) Once Santa left and we were all in the living room the kids took turns opening their presents starting with Dallin, then Nate, then Josie and then Bailey. There were a few times when they were really excited and kinda jumped the gun on their turn, but they all did awesome! It was such a great christmas morning and everyone got everything they wanted and more!! After we opened presents we went over to Skyler's grandma Ences for a christmas breakfast! It was delicious as always! Nate and Bailey got to pick out a teddy bear and she gave us all a little stocking with some Christmas money! After breakfast we went back to his moms house and took a nap and woke up in time for Justin's call home at 1! It was fun to talk to him over Skype! It made me miss talking to my brother a lot though! My family spent christmas up in Logan so they called him from my sisters house. We then went over and visited my grandparents for awhile and then headed back to his moms for dinner! We came home and went straight to bed after a really fun and long day!

The next morning we got up and packed and headed up to Bountiful to have christmas with Skyler's moms side of the family. The kids slept the majority of the way which was so nice!

Road trip!

We had a yummy dinner and played a game that was Adults vs Kids. I was a lot of fun! The next day we drove down to Provo were we had a little christmas with my family. We met them at Chilis for lunch and then headed to Amandas apartment for the afternoon to open presents and hang out! For dinner we went to Amandas mexican family and she made us tamales and they were so good! We left there about 9 and headed home. We stopped in Spanish Fork to see Bryce and Blaire and then made the long drive home! We didn't get home until 2:30am and we were so ready for bed! The kids did awesome all weekend!! We had so much going on and driving back forth and they really did so amazing especially on such little sleep! Now we are starting to get back to a schedule now that the holiday crazies are over! It was one great holiday season and even though I know its going to be crazy next year I am so looking forward to it!

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cnelson said...

LOVE all these pics!!! Can't wait for Christmas next year when we are all together!!