Monday, June 18, 2012


May 25th: We headed up to vernal for the weekend for Zoey's baby blessing. Skyler stayed behind to bring Blake up the next day since he had a basketball camp. The kids and I rode up with Tammy. The kids did great in the car, until Bailey got sick going through Provo Canyon. She threw up all over Skyler's i-pad least it wasn't on the iPad itself :) We had just stopped and ate dinner right before driving through it. I guess she takes after her momma when it comes to getting car sick! Poor girl! We pulled over and cleaned her and the car up and then headed for the 2nd half the drive and the kids slept for most of that. We got to vernal about 10:30 and the kids and I headed straight for bed! It was a long drive!

May 26th: When we woke up in the morning and Nate was so excited to see Josie and Dallin! They got right to playing! After a few hours we headed to the quarry in vernal to see the dinosaur bones they have there. It was so cool!! Nate loves dinosaurs so he was loving everything there!

When we got done there it was about 12:30 and we decided to go grab some lunch at Mc Donalds before heading to the dinosaur museum. We got to the dinosaur museum and the kids loved playing and exploring everything they had in the kids area! It was so fun going and seeing everything they had there. They have a big display outside too, but we didn't go out there due to the windstorm that was taking place outside!

May 27th: Zoey had her blessing today. Tyler did a great was a beautiful blessing! She looked so darling in the dress that Grandma made her! It was a fun relaxing day! We even had a game night that night when the kids went to bed!

May 28th: Memorial day :) We had to head back home today because Skyler had to be back to coach a football camp the next morning and Tammy had to work. We did get to go fishing in to morning before we left though! It was one of Nate's first times fishing. He is deathly afraid of fish when they come out of the water and doesn't want to get near them until they are dead! He doesn't like that they flop around!  Finally at the end as we were about to leave we finally got him to touch one! We caught a ton (well tyler did). It was fun and such a pretty morning!

The ride home consisted of a lot of this from Bailey! It was so miserable!! Not fun to be on an eight hour car ride with a teething baby! Broke my heart to listen to her cry! I just kept praying we would get home fast! She did great on the way up, but horrible on the way back!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good day

May 22nd: Skyler needed my help and so I told Nate to feed Bailey her breakfast for me. He said ok so I went and helped Sky and 2 minutes later Nate came running in and said "mom! you need to come look at Bailey!" We went and looked and this is what we found...he had just handed her the bowl ha ha!

That afternoon we went swimming over at my moms house. When uncle ty got home from work he went and took Nate swimming again after we had all gotten out! The kids sure love uncle Ty and I sure am loving his tan line :)

That night we were outside playing and Andrew and Jo Jo came over too. Our other neighbors the Russells were packing up and moving there stuff to a new house and asked if we could watch Dallin and Porter for a little bit. The boys all loved playing together. They are all really into Avengers right now and thats what they were playing. Nate was the Hulk, Andrew was Captain America, Dallin was Iron Man and Porter was Thor. It was so funny watching them! Nate is going to miss his little buddies Dallin and Porter when they move to there new house and aren't right next door anymore!

Our first tree!

May 21st: We finally went and picked out a tree for our front yard tonight for FHE!! When we got home from picking it out Skyler started digging the whole for it. Our neighbors Bryan and Rachel came walking by and he helped Skyler while Rach and I chatted :) The boys (mostly Skyler) did an awesome job putting the tree up! It looks so great!!

Toquerville Falls

May 19th: We had a free saturday and we decided to head down to Toquerville Falls for the day! May is the perfect time to go before the bugs get bad there! We hadn't been for a couple years so I was excited to go! Skylers mom came with us and we all had a great time! The weather was perfect, the falls were beautiful  and the kids did awesome! They loved playing in the water except for little William! He had just woken up and all he wanted was for Tammy to hold him the whole time! It was funny because he had never met her before, but she was the one who got him out of the car and so he wouldn't let her put him down! Funny boy!


May 18th: We were able to have cute Jo Jo come over and play with us while her brother and parents were at his preschool graduation. She was so fun to have over!

That night Skyler and I went out to dinner with Judd and Liz. We hadn't seen them in forever!! It was so nice to hang out and catch up with them!

Last day of preschool

May 17th: Nate had his last day of his first year of preschool today. They had a water party and played all sorts of water games! It was the perfect ending to a fun year for Nate! He loved the preschool and he is looking forward to going to a new preschool next year! Thanks for a fun first year Watch Me Grow!

Beginning of May

May 1st: We were out enjoying the nice evening and Nate was riding his bike and Bailey kept following him. He was nice and gave Bailey a turn on it and then he also sat on it with her to show her how to do it. He is such a good big brother!

May 2nd: Girls night! Shawna, Alyssa and I went out to dinner at Mad Pita and then we went to paul mitchell and got pedicures and then we finished off the night getting ice cream at Menchies. Such a fun night with these girls!

May 3rd: My mom bought Nate his very own tomato plant since he was obsessed with her garden. He loved it and was so excited! They helped her plant it in the cute pot she spray painted. Cant wait to start getting some tomatoes!

We played outside for awhile

Bailey was sitting on the grass and kept grabbing my shoes she then stood up in the middle of the grass all by herself! It was her first time ever standing up on her own without pulling her self up on something and letting go! Way to go Bailey!

Here is a video of her doing it. She kept doing it over and over again!

May 4th: Jesse graduated from college today so Amy was in town with her kids. She called me in the morning and asked if we wanted to go to the park and play. We met at the park and we were wearing the exact same outfit! Pink shirt and jean capris! About 30 minutes later Alyssa came and she too was wearing a pink shirt and jean was so funny! 

The kids loved being thrown in the air by uncle Jesse! They wanted to do it over and over again!

My mom came and watched the kids while Skyler and I went to the graduation and afterwards we picked up the kids and went to the park for Jesses graduation party. We had fun hanging out! Bailey loves her Aunt Alyssa!

She loves her cousin Zoey too :)

Skyler didn't want to walk when he graduated so he never got a cap and gown picture holding his diploma. I told him I wish he would have and so he put on Jesses and took a picture and sent it to me and he said here now you have a picture :) thanks babe and congrats ha ha!

May 5th: We went to the pine view splash pad with Skylers family and the kids had so much fun! We we're there for 3 hours!

May 6th: We went and hung out with them after church on sunday before they headed back to vernal!
Grandma was holding Zoey and Bailey was jealous she was getting all the attention. Grandma picked her up too and she was as happy as a clam!

May 7th: We got this little slide back when Nate was little and we had packed it away for about year when he out grew it. I set it back up today for Bailey and Will to play on. Bailey loved it and she is even a little small for it still!

May 8th: Once again Nate being a great big brother and sharing his sucker with Bailey!

That night Alena and I went to Paul Mitchell and got scalp treatments and manicures! I loved how mine turned out!

May 9th: I had Nate's playgroup at my house today and Bailey didn't mind one bit hanging out with all the boys! I think she might turn out to be a tomboy :)

May 10th: Happy birthday to my cute little sister Alena!! We went and got lunch from Wendys and went to the splash pad and hung out with her! We then went back to the house to play and later that night we went to her birthday dinner at Wingers...yum!

Once we left wingers we went to go get my car washed, but the car wash had just barely closed. We were headed home and we were passing by the place where the new zipline was. It was only going to be in St. George one more week. Skyler asked if I wanted to try it out and I said yeah! I asked Nate if he wanted to do it and was shocked when he said yes! We thought we would let him try it and I thought for sure he would chicken out when we got to the top, but he didn't and he had the cutest little smile on his face the whole time we were getting ready! You could tell he was completely giddy and so excited! I still thought that once it started going he would completely lose it and freak out, but once again I was wrong! To say he loved it would be an understatement! Once he was done he said I want to do that again! He went with Skyler the first time while I held Bailey and then he went with me while Skyler held Bailey. He begged us to do it a third time so we told him this was his last time! He agreed and Skyler told him he had to go upside down on it and he did! I was totally bummed that I was distorted and talking and missed recording his last run because he put his feet in the air and was upside down! He did awesome! I was so proud of him! It was such a blast!

Nates first run with Skyler on the zipline

May 11th: We had activity days today and went hiking up the Shinob Kibe behind our house. Here is the pretty view we had from the top

 May 12th: Amanda came in town for mothers day weekend so we went over to my moms and spent the day swimming and hanging out. Angela and Bobby got in town that night from being at disneyland and we had a big family dinner celebrating mothers day and then we had a game night of course!

May 13th: Happy Mother's Day to me and all the other moms out there! I had a great mothers day! Skyler got me a gift card to Closet Revival and Nate gave me a card that he hid and I had to find! I am so lucky to be the mom to my two beautiful kids! They are my world and I love them to pieces! 

That afternoon we got to talk to Justin! This was his last phone call home because he will be here in July...yay! So excited for him to come home and see how much the kids have grown!

One of my favorite parts of being a mom is the snuggles I get from them! Bedtime group hug before bed! My favorite favorite thing!

May 14th: We went and spent family night up at Sand Hallow! It was such a fun night and there was such a gorgeous sunset!! Bailey loved playing in the sand and Nate loved walking through  the water!

May 15th: We went swimming once again at grandmas and the water was really cold! Alena snuggle up with Nate and helped him warm up! 

The rest of april

April 23rd: Whenever Bailey wakes up in the morning or from a nap Nate will run in her room and go entertain her until I come into get her. They were playing in her crib for awhile today and when I came in I snapped a picture...they are the cutest!

April 24th: I caught Bailey sneaking into the puffs out off my purse! Naughty girl! She was to cute to get mad at though so I just let her eat them :)

I had put Will in her crib to go to sleep and she was so tired! She hadn't sat in her swing in probably over a month and I was desperate so I put her in there and she was asleep within seconds!

April 25th: She can be stingy with her hugs and kisses, but she was not wanting to let daddy go this morning! She was giving him the best cuddles!

I babysat the Gibbs kids today and this cute little girl is a month younger than Bailey. They were so cute playing together! They are church buddies and play in church all the time!

Nate and I were board so we decided to have some fun and make silly faces :p

April 26th: Bailey loves climbing up on the dishwasher! Anytime she is around while I am doing dishes this is where you will find her!

She was playing and I glanced up and she was standing up all on her own for a long time, I busted out the video on my phone and started taping her. She stood for a few more seconds for the video, but she had been standing there for a long time before I even stated videoing!

April 27th: We went and watched Blake play in his baseball game in Cedar. She was entertained by this easter egg for quite awhile!

April 28th: Bailey loves walking around with uncle Ty

April 29th: Otter pop love <3

Bailey kept trying to climb up and get more

April 30th: Max got shaved! I wish we would have taken a before picture because his hair was so long and he looked huge!! We thought he was extremely overweight but it turns out he was a normal size dog under all that fur! He looks so great and I lot more like a puppy again!

My little taste tester while making the FHE treat

I also made homemade salsa for the first turned out pretty yummy!!

Our ending result of the delicious!

Once again Bailey was helping me with the dishes