Sunday, September 25, 2011

All caught up

With 15 posts in the last week this post will officially catch me up to date on my blogging! Woo hoo! Last week on Sept. 15th we went to the Rodeo. It is something we have done every year and has become our little tradition. The first picture Skyler and I ever took together was at the rodeo 5 years ago! Who knew then that 5 years later we would be taken the same picture and adding 2 kids to it :) I wouldn't want it any other way! Love my family of 4!

Then 2006:

Now 2011:

A few days ago I was sitting on the couch talking and playing with Bailey and she started laughing. Skyler got a little bit of it on video.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My 2 favorite

My 2 favorite boys in the whole world!

Don't you love Nate's cowboy boots...or should I saw cowgirl ;)

Nate's new favorite thing

Nate's new favorite thing is his booster seat for the car! I have to say it's one of my new favorite things too. I asked his doctor at Bailey's appointment when it was ok for me to move him to a booster seat from a forward facing carseat and he told me that as soon as he met the height and weight requirements he could sit in one. One day he was out with Grandma Tammy and he came home and showed me the new booster seat and a matching car (and cookies and chocolate milk!) Grandma had bought him. He was so excited!! Grandma said he picked out what booster seat he wanted and it was one with flames on it just like his new hot wheels car! He definitely met the height and weight requirements (he was about 4 lbs and 4 inches taller then what he had to be). It makes traveling so nice, especially when we transfer the seats between mine and Skyler's car! It is one more thing that reminds me how grown up he is and that makes me sad sometimes!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My little Super Hero

Nate loves acting like a super hero. He is always asking me to tie blankets around his neck for a cape. Well the other day he discovered my nursing cover makes a great cape (I need to make him his very own cape...its on my long list of things to do and make!) He had his super hero goggles on which I guess give him extra powers! Love that kid!

Labor Day

Every labor day Skyler's Dads side of the family gets together at Skyler's Grandmas cabin in Pine Valley. It was a little drizzly, but the weather was nice and cool! The days festivities included a blow up slide, a rock climbing wall, a real fishing pond, a prize fishing pond, a water gun fight and a catered lunch with Veyo Pies for dessert! It's always a ton of fun, but this year definitely had a different feeling with Rick not being there! He has always been the life of the party and he was truly missed!

Nate was so excited to fish when we got there, but then Kaden caught one and he saw the fish flopping on the ground and he changed his mind real quick! He didn't want anything to do with the fish after that!

Nate wanted to climb the rock wall and wanted to do it over and over again. Every time he did it he climbed a little higher and then the last time. He loved swinging and hanging on the cable!

Then it was dads turn
Nate cheered him on
And he made it to the top!
Skyler's brother Blake challenged his mom and she proved to him that she could climb to the top!
Grandma and Bailey
The prize fishing pond! Nate got a kaleidoscope and a boomerang frisbee!
Once it had stopped raining the kids played on the bounce slide!
Skyler and Tyler wanted to join in on the fun!
Then it was game time! They played a water gun game. Everyone pinned a postcard with an Alka-Seltzer on it to their back and everyone tried to squirt everyone else's. Whoever had the most of their Alka-Seltzer still left at the end of the game won money!

Nate kept squirting skyler when he was trying to refill his water gun! It was so funny!

The kids had fun and were zonked out the second we headed home!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Months...oh my!

Bailey is growing up so fast! She turned 3 months on Sept. 5th. She is learning a doing new things all the time! She has lost the newborn look and looks like an older baby. She loves playing on her play-mat. She will lay their for 30 minutes to a hour observing, tugging, pulling, grabing and playing with all the toys.

She loves when she gets attention and is full of smiles when she does! She is loves talk and cue...its the cutest!!

She loves to stand and prefers it over sitting. Her legs are so strong! She rolled over from her stomach to her back for the first time on Sunday Sept. 11th and now she does it a few times a day! I love seeing her do new things, but I know its only a matter of time until she is all grown up! I have a feeling she is going to be a lot like Nate! Even though she can't walk and crawl she is constantly squirming and kicking and wanting to be on the go! Some might think I'm crazy because I am kinda hoping she is just like Nate because I am already used to parenting a busy on the go kid! What I don't know if I could ever get used to is someone full of drama, attitude, and high maintenance! I am sure I am bound to have to experience it all though because that would be my weakness! I love my two kids more than anything and I am so glad I have been blessed to be their mom!!

Look how much she has grown in 2 months!

Fun with Friends

The same day as Nate's first day of preschool we had Nate's friend porter over to play because his mom just had his new baby brother! We picked Porter up after Nate got out of preschool and headed over to McDonalds to play and eat! The boys had so much fun! We were there for almost 2 hours!

When we got home they wanted to play in Nate's swimming pool he got for his birthday. We got their suits on and they headed out for some fun in the sun! Nate's cousins (aka his best friends) came over to play too while their mom was out of town. They got their while Porter and Nate were outside swimming. Of course they wanted to join the fun so I got some of Nate's swimsuits for them to wear! I didn't have a girl swim suit for Josie so I had to improvise (Sorry Amy!)...I think it worked out ok though :)

After a few hours playing outside they came inside and it was time for naps. I was a little skeptic that all 4 kids would go down for a nap, but they did! It was a miracle! I didn't get a picture of Porter and sleeping, but he was zonked at too! Bailey and I got some one on one time in! It was such a fun day for Nate! He loves playing friends!

The next week we had Josie and Dallin over again while their parents were out of town and we had tons of fun. We built a fun tent for them in Nate's room and they played and ate in there for awhile. They could slide down into the tent and they would do that over and over again! Josie has loved Bailey since day one and always wants to hold her! She is so cute! She is gonna be such a good helper for her mom when her new little sister/brother gets here! Dallin never really has shown to much interest in Bailey, but for some reason that day he was by her side the majority of the day! He kept trying to hand her toys and play with her and talk to was cute!


Nate's first day of Preschool was on 8/23. He goes to Watch Me Grow Preschool and his teacher is Miss Julie. I can't believe he is already old enough to go! Where has the time gone?! Before I know it he will be starting kindergarten! Some tears were definitely shed when I dropped him off! There may or may not have been a few his 2nd day too when he walked up to the door and went into school all by himself like a big boy! He was so excited to go and he wasn't let down! He had a blast!! Everyday he wakes up and asks if it is preschool day. He goes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11. It has been so nice for me! I get so much more done with only one kid at home! It's also nice to have some one on one time with Bailey! She is growing up so fast and its nice to have that! On Nate's first day they made lion masks and when the parents came to pick up their kids they held their masks up to their faced and was super cute!! Nate told me his teacher had read them a story about lions and thats why they made the masks. Everyday he comes home with a new project he has made and he always wants to hang them up on the fridge when he gets home. I am going to make him a magnet board or some kind of art display (getting some ideas off Pinterest) to hang in the hall way to put all his artwork on. My fridge can't hold it all! He likes the idea of having his own artwork gallery so I am going to have to get one that as soon as I finish Baileys room! I am so close to being done! Hopefully in the next 2 or 3 days it will be done and pictures will be up for you to see!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Football time

It's football season!! This is a busy time of year for us this year! Skyler started coaching football at Pine View High School. He coaches the freshman team which his little brother blake plays on. It's been fun for him to get out there, help with the boys and be apart of the program! We go to watch Blake play on thursdays in the freshman and JV games, the varsity on fridays and Skyler's brother Jesse plays on Saturdays with the Dixie State College team. So we have 3 days of football games and the kids love it! Nate always gets excited to go and Bailey is always so good! Even though the crowds and band are loud she normally sleeps half the game and the other half she is entertain by all the noise and colors! Heres to a good season of football for both PVHS and Dixie State College!

Skyler and Blake's first PVHS football game of the season 8/19 (for some reason on here the arrows are off...its not like that on the actual picture. Blake is #48 and Skyler is the one with the arrow on his head :)


Sunday, September 18, 2011


The day after the blessing my sister, her husband and kids were heading back home to Logan. My mom wanted to get pictures of all her 4 grandkids together so before they left we did a quick (or maybe not so quick) photo session. I stole these pictures off my sisters blog so I didn't have to go through the 100 we took to pick out the best ones :) Thanks for doing the work Angela!

Bailey's Baby Blessing

We blessed Bailey at church on August 7th. We were so fortune to have so many family and friends there! We thank those that were able to make the trip down and missed the ones that couldn't make it! Skyler gave a beautiful blessing and it was such a special day!! I always love spending time with our family and friends and it so nice to have them apart of our lives. We love you all!

2 months

Bailey turned 2 months on August 5th! She had her doctors appointment that day and the doctor said she was doing great! She was 9lbs 3oz and 21.5 inches long! She is full a smiles! I captured her first one on camera the day she turned 2 months! Even though she had to get shots at that doctors appointment she was still my happy little girl! She even showed the doctor her cute smile a couple of times! She has been seeing Dr. Brian and I love him! He is so good with both my kids!

Bailey and Nate on the day she turned 2 months

The shots did wear her out though! Love snuggling my baby!

Fun Family Night

It's always fun doing stuff together as a family! A few months ago we borrowed Skyler's grandmas 4-wheeler and went 4-wheeling down the river by our house. We were out driving down the river and I remembered we had to go feed the horses at Skyler's moms old house and I asked skyler if there was a way down to his mom's house along the river (knowing that the river ran close to her house too) He said he thought so, so we decided to give it a try. Little did I realize how far away that would be on a 4-wheeler! It ended up being about a 2 and a half hour ride there and back, but it was a lot of fun! We had a few trial and error routes, but we did make it! One of the pictures shows the mud we got all over us! Nate loved it! We washed off in the river and Nate decide it would be fun to jump in so he of course got soaking wet, but that was ok (after all it was summer time in st. george!) We were quite the load on that 4-wheeler! Skyler drove with Nate sitting in front of him and me on the back with Bailey in a backpack sling thing on the front of me. There were a few times skyler had to walk through the river to make sure it wasn't to deep to drive the 4-wheeler through with all of us on it. Our dog Max came with us and was a trooper! He ran the whole way there and half the way back until he finally let us put him up on the front of the 4-wheeler. I am sure once he was up there he thought why did I not ride up here the whole time! It was a fun family night full of great memories! Love nights like those!!

Nate being Nate

I personally think the shirt tucked into your underwear is a good look...just saying ;)

Cookin up a storm

Nate loves helping me cook dinner or make treats. Everyday he climbs up on the counter and asks if he can help me make things. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes it makes me nervous because he wants to be the one to stir things in boiling water and put things in the oven and he gets upset when I tell him he can't! He knows that he can't be near the stove or oven so now he settles for helping be prepare the meal and then I put it in the oven.

Here he is helping me make braided pizza

And another night we made Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

I found both of these recipes on Pinterest and they were so yummy!! I have actually made quite a few recipes off Pinterest and they all have been big hits in my family!! What have I made?? Here is the list of yumminess! (if you want the recipes they are all on my Pinterest boards...if you are not on Pinterest yet and would like an invite leave your email and I will send you one! I have to worn you though...Pinterest can be really addicting!)


Crockpot Italian Chicken (a lot of people serve it over rice, but we like it over pasta)
Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas
Garlic Chicken Bowtie Pasta (I made this for bunco and just about every person asked for the was delicious!)
Creamy Chicken Taquitos (I made them with leftover roast beef and they were so yummy!)
Mexican Dorito Casserole
Sticky fingers (Taste exactly like wingers sticky fingers!)
Chicken cordon bleu sandwich (easy and delicious!)

Golden Graham S'more Bars
Twix Brownies
Cheesecake Cookie dough bars
Sopapilla Cheesecake
Frosted Banana Cookies (taste like banana bread with a yummy frosting...if you like banana bread I think you will love these!)

I always feel like I make the same dinners over and over so now every week I pick at least one meal to make off my Pinterest Recipe board. On this weeks menu...

Chicken Roll-ups. It is made with crescent rolls, cream cheese, chicken, shredded cheese, and a few other things (how could it not be good?)

S'more Cookie Bars...cant wait to try these! They look so yummy!