Monday, February 20, 2012


Feb 14th: Nate had preschool in the morning today so we were in a rush to get him ready and out the door so we didn't do any big breakfast festivities this morning. I just got him ready for preschool and snapped some quick pictures of my 3 cute valentines right before they headed out the door!

When I picked Nate up from preschool we came home and he found a note from Cupid that sent him on a scavenger hunt (one of his favorite things!) to find his present and who is secret valentine was. He did great with the hunt and new exactly where to go to find each clue. It was so cute watching him excitedly run around and then find is present after 6 clues. He found out that I was his secret valentine and he got a big bug, a bug jar to keep bugs he finds outside in, and tennis balls to use with his metal baseball bat. He was so cute as he pulled each thing out and then afterwards saying "Thanks for my present mom, I love it!"

Bailey is a little young for a scavenger hunt, but she did get a new skirt from her secret valentine too :) When Skyler got home from work he found a little surprise note on the bed which was made using some conversation candy hearts. I took him out for a night on the town while Grandma came over and babysat. Nate had blast playing valentine bingo, the wii, and glow frisbee with grandma while we were gone. Skyler and I went out to eat at Pasta Factory (per his request), then we drove around and went up to the "arrow" (the place he took me the first time we went out). We stayed there and talked for awhile enjoying looking at the stars and not having the kids running around! It was a great night! Love the month a february because we always get to spend so much time together with V-day and our anniversary!

Super Mario

Feb 12th: Nate has been OBSESSED with playing super mario lately. He asks me everyday if we can play it. Luckily he gets board with it after about 30 minutes to a hour so its not an all day type thing that he just wants to sit and play nonstop (I know kids like that and thankful he is not one!). During the time he does play he gets so intense and it's so funny to watch him play! He jumps around because I think he thinks if he jumps his guy will ha ha! When he wants it to go one direction he will start walking that way or turning the remote more that direction.

Me playing with wii with him

Feb 13th: I videoed a little clip of him playing super mario today and it captures a lot of him doing those funny little things!

That night we got his valentines all ready for his preschool class. He wrote is name on the back of all 20 valentines! I was so proud of him!

The celebration

Feb. 11th: Today was the day Skyler told me he had a surprise for me and I was looking forward to spending an afternoon and night with just him! We went and dropped off the kids at his moms house at about 2 and then we got in the car. We headed to the gas station and filled up and I asked him where we were headed. It didn't really tell me, but when we started heading south on the freeway I guessed Vegas and he finally told me I was right. I was excited! When we got down there we went shopping at the Vegas outlets and I got some shirts. Then we headed towards the strip and went and toured the newer part of it. It has been awhile since we have been there so The Cosmopolitan and Aria were new to us. They were so nice!

After wondering around for awhile like 2 love birds holding hands we started to get hungry and sat down to find a restaurant on Skyler's phone. I told him I didn't want to go somewhere really nice where the portion sizes were small and you paid a fortune for it! We wanted to find a steakhouse. The app we were looking at had rankings of the restaurants and then showed $ signs to show how expensive it was 5 being the most expensive. A lot of them had 4 or 5 stars, but then we saw one that was ranked just about 5 stars that only had 3 dollar signs and it was close. It was in the Monte Carlo so we walked over to it. It was called Brand Steakhouse. When we got to it and the girl asked if we were ready to be seated a guy in a suit came over and took the menus and showed us to our seats. We looked at each other thinking this was probably going to be more pricer then we thought, but went with it. We sat down and the host put a napkin in my lap and handed us our menus and left. We opened it and to our surprise it was way more expensive then we ever thought and would be the most we have paid for a meal in our lives! I laughed said we could get up and leave and go somewhere else, but Skyler insisted that we stay. He said we don't ever treat ourselves and we don't ever do stuff like this so we might as well sit down and enjoy it! All the steaks were about $50 and the chicken was $40! We found a steak on the menu that was $50, but it was 20 oz! That was plenty to feed the 2 of us so we decided to share that and order 2 sides ($9 each!). The waiter told us they were known for having the best mac and cheese so we said we better order that and then we also got a baked potato. When our food came and we started eating I was in heaven! It was AMAZING!! Their mac and cheese was the best I have ever tasted and the steak was so so yummy!! Even though it was expensive it was worth every penny! It was the perfect ending to our night in vegas! We left stuffed and satisfied and headed back home. We got back about 11 pm and picked up kids and headed home to crash for the night. It was such a fun little trip! I am so thankful for Skyler and everything he does for me and our family! I love him and so glad he is mine for eternity!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 years

Feb 10th: Today was Skyler and I's 5 year anniversary!! I am one lucky girl to be married to that boy!! It's crazy to look back on the last 5 years! We have been through a lot together and I couldn't imagine going through it all with out him! He told me a few days before our anniversary that we were going to celebrate it on the 11th because he had a surprised planned and it was going to take the afternoon and night and that he had babysitting arrangements all taken care of! Talk about a great husband! Sounded great to me! The morning of our anniversary after he left for work I went into shower and found a card sitting by my sink. It had the number 5 all over was so cute! He is always so good about writing cards, notes and letters and always knows just what to say to make me feel special! One of my favorite things about holidays is getting the letter or card he writes me! They are something I can treasure forever!

It was such a pretty day and the weather was perfect so the kids and I decided we would go steal dad for lunch and go eat at the park. We got to the office, but his grandpa had beat us to it! He was already at lunch, but he said he would meet us at the park when they were done. So much for a surprise lunch ha ha! He got to the park and we relaxed and hung out and watched Nate play while we soaked in the sun.

When we got home I got busy setting up my present for him. I had printed about 50 pictures of the 2 of us over the last 5 years and on the back of every picture I wrote a reason why I loved him. I was going to get balloons and hang all the pictures from them, but to get 50 balloons is pretty pricey! I opted instead to just hang them from string all over our ceiling! On the front of our bedroom door I put a sign saying "I love you because.." so when he would open the door he would see the pictures hanging with some of the reasons why I love him. On the back of one picture I put my anniversary gift to him which was a gift certificate good for an 18 hole round of golf. When he got home from work and went to head to the bedroom to change clothes he saw the sign and said ooh whats this?! When he opened the door I explained to him that his gift was on the back of one of the pictures so to find it he had to go through them. It took him half of the pictures to find it, but when he did he didn't stop and open the envelop to see what the gift was right away. I said you found it and he said I know, but I want finish reading and looking at all the pictures. Made me feel good that he wasn't just concerned about the gift, but he wanted to read and look at the pictures more! Have I mentioned he is a great husband, and I love him?!

He then brought me my gift and it was a cell phone cover for my phone!! I have been wanting one and I love the one he picked out! He knows me too well! Since we were doing the celebrating the next day we ordered Outback to go instead of going out. It was so yummy! It was 830 so the kids were in bed and we were able to eat our meal in peace was nice! Heres to many many more wonderful years with the man I love!

Good job, Nate

Feb 9th: Nate had preschool today and when I picked him up he handed me a note. I read it and it was a note from his teacher saying how impressed she is with Nate! It was a proud mom moment for me! Way to go Nate!

That night Skyler and Nate were playing football in the house. Skyler threw him the ball and Nate was suppose to catch it and run to the red blanket for a touchdown while he threw pillows "blocking" him from getting it! Nate did a good job and made touchdowns almost every time! He was loving this fun game!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Feb 1st: Skyler was out at basketball tonight so it was just me and the kids. Nate wanted to take a picture of Bailey and I and it led to a bunch of pictures being taking. Love my two little munchkins!
Feb 2nd: We went over to see Grandma and Grandpa today! It was such a nice day so Grandpa took Nate to the park by their house. Bailey was so tired and I couldn't get her to fall asleep in my arms! I then got the idea to try putting her in her carseat and sitting it on the drier while it was on...worked like a charm!! She slept the entire hour the drier was on! That gave my mom and I time to play some games kid free!

My dad sent me this picture of Nate at the park

That night Nate and Bailey were playing. I love when they play and laugh together...sometimes Nate gets a little rough her though! She is going to be on tuff little girl growing up with a brother like Nate! This video of them is the perfect example...all fun and games with a little roughness :)

Feb 3rd: We went to watch Uncle Blake play basketball tonight. After the game we were getting ready to leave and he was on Skyler's shoulders. He reached up to grab the basket but couldn't reach the rim. Skyler lifted him up and he hung there for a minute. It was pretty funny!

Feb 4: Skyler was gone this morning so we went to feed the horses for him. While I was feeding Nate went wondering around and came running back saying "Mom, come look!" I said ok just a minute what is it! He said "they have bulls here now...come here I will show you!" I walked over and looked. Good thing they were just cows and not bulls...would have made me a little more nervous having him wandering around if there were bulls near by! After feeding the cows we went over to Grandmas and got our hair done! Nate got his cut and I got mine colored! Nate used to freak out so bad every time he got a hair cut and we tried giving him everything and distracting him in every way possible and nothing would work! Just recently (within the last few months) he has started to be calm and freak out! He still tenses up every once in awhile but all in all he does great and it is such a relief! I used to dread getting his hair cut so bad!

Feb 5th: After church we went over to Skyler's moms to watch the super bowl and eat lots of yummy food! I forgot to take a picture of all the yummy food so I only have one of some people watching the game. I just realized that Bailey turned 8 months bad I didn't take any pictures of her ha ha!

Feb 6th: Grandma Tammy gave the kids some new outfits the night before and Nate was so excited! He wanted to wear it the second she gave it to him and it was torture for him to have to wait until morning! The first thing he asked me when he woke up is if he could wear his new clothes! He put them on and I got Bailey in her new outfit and they both looked so darling! We took some pictures to send grandma so she could see how cute they looked in their new outfits!

We did lots of fun stuff today. First Nate wanted to paint, then he played outside with Max. They were playing in dog was pretty funny! There wasn't much room for both of them! It was such a nice day so we decided to walk down to the park and go look at the fish in the pond. Later that night the kids had fun wrestling and playing with Dad! Its always so fun when he is home!

Feb 7th: I babysat 2 cute girls from our ward today! The older one is 2 and the baby is 6 months. I was a little nervous to have 4 kids under the age of 3, but they all did great!! Their parents dropped them off about 1:30 and they all played so good together. Her mom told me she takes a nap about 2:30, but she wasn't sure if she would good down since it was a new place and she sleeps in a crib at home. Right about 2:30 I showed her Bailey's room and asked her if she wanted to take a nap in Baileys crib and she excitedly said yes! I went and laid her down in it and she laid right down and feel right to sleep...awesome! I then told Nate to go lay down in his bed and 5 minutes later he was asleep...awesome! Then I was left with the 2 babies and they were playing good, but I could tell the baby was starting to get sleepy. I rocked her in my arms and she was asleep in 5 minutes...awesome! So within 30 minutes I had 3 of the 4 kids asleep!! Doesn't surprise me that Bailey was the one that was awake! She is not the best sleeper! Its ok though because she just played happily on the floor! Nate slept until 4:45. They baby slept until 5 and Raya slept until her mom got there at 5:30! It turned out to be the easiest babysitting job ever!!

Later that night Skyler surprised me with bringing me home some ice cream...yum! Love him!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The end of January

Jan 26th: Nothing to excited happened today so the only picture I took was the picture I took for the Instagram Photo Challenge a Day. The challenge was lunch. Here is Nate and I eating our lunch for the day.

Jan 27th: I got called to be an Activity day leader a few months ago and I love my calling!! I am over the 10/11 year olds and they are so fun! We did a Where's Waldo activity at the mall today. While we were waiting for some of the helpers rides the girls were taking turns/fighting over who got to hold Bailey! They all love her so much and they are so good with her! Its fun watching them interact with her! They are all going to make such great moms!

That night I went out with one of my friends to have a girls night! It was a lot of fun and nice to get out and do girl things! We went and got pedicures and had dinner at cafe rio! Love you Shawna!

Jan 28th: A simple saturday...we did some housework today and took the kids to Mc Donald's for lunch. That night there was a gorgeous sunset while Sky and Nate were out working/playing in the backyard

Jan 29th: A typical sunday of going to church. When we got home all took naps and made chocolate chip cookies...yum!

Jan 30th: Nate so badly wants Bailey to be able to walk and run and play with him. So he is always trying to help her out! I prefer her to not walk until she is 1 ;)

Nate and his friends from next door love to play together! They are always going back and forth between our houses! They have a fun trampoline and we both have fun outdoor playgrounds. After getting all hot and sweaty outside the love to come inside and play nerf guns and super mario on the wii!

Jan 31st: Bailey loves digging into the fake tree I have in my kitchen! I am always finding moss all over the floor! Today she was caught red handed when I heard the tree fall, but how can you get mad at a cute smile like that!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RAWR/Team Ashley!

Jan 25th: Nate has been totally into dressing up into his old dinosaur costume lately! He wears it almost everyday! It nearly fits him anymore too so I figure I might as well let him get use out of it while he can! This was the first day he had put it on! Poor Bailey was scared! Especially when he went up to her and yelled RAWR! She gives the saddest sad faces! He came and gave her a kiss to let her know it was ok. He said its ok Bailey I am not a real dinosaur, I'm just pretending...I am still your brother Nate. It was so cute!

That night was bunco night! We did this month in honor of our good friend and fellow bunco player Ashley Baird. She found out she had breast cancer the week before so we decided to have all the money be donated to her instead of having the winners take it. It was a fun bunco night and we missed having Ashley there with us! You can follow her story here! She is an amazingly strong, beautiful woman, with the cutest family and so much to live for! Please keep her and her family in your prayers! Love you Ash!!


Jan 24th: My friend just started up an Etsy shop where she sells darling pacifier clips and baby bracelets and will soon be adding bows and headbands. Her company is Oh Baby Baby Boutique...go check out all her cute stuff here! I ordered the pacifier clip she made with my baby girl Bailey as inspiration for it and I LOVE it! She sent me the pacifier clip as well as some bows and a headband that she will be adding to her collection soon! I was so excited to get the package when it arrived. I just had to try on the bow and headband right away! I took a few pictures on my phone and sent them to my friend so she could see how darling they looked! The pacifier clip is so stylish and I get compliments on it every time she wears it! Way cuter than the ribbon clips!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Jan 23rd: Nate went to the dentist for the second time in his life. The first time was a catastrophe so I was praying this one would be better! Lucky for me it was! The first time around we didnt even come close to getting X-rays of Nate's teeth without a major freakout session! It took me and 2 other nurses to hold hime down! This time around Nate sat in the chair and immediately opened his mouth. The nursers were talking to him and he kept his mouth open and tried talking to him. I told him he was doing an awesome job opening his mouth, but he could close it until they told him to open it. It was so funny! I guess I bribed him enough (told him we could go to Mc Donalds afterwards if he was a good boy) so he was totally ready to be brave! They stuck the first X-ray in and had him bite down and he did it no problem! Yea! Then it came time for the side ones. They put it in and he started to wince and cry a little, but we made it through it without a major freak out session! Woo hoo! Off to a good start! Then they took us back to the main room. First time around he was so freaked out by this point he wouldn't even lay down to watch the movie they had playing on the ceiling! This time around he was so good! He climbed up and watched Peter Pan. The nurse explained to him what she was going to do he then she said ok open wide. He did and she started brushing away. He did really good on the first couple teeth, but once she started to move her way to the back he started freaking out. He told her he was finished and was ready to go home. Since he was starting to freak out they had us move into the back room so he didn't freak out the other kids that were there. The nurse said it was fine that she would have the dentist brush them with his new toothbrush with their special toothpaste. While we waited for the dentist I gave Nate another pep talk and told he was doing so good and I was really proud of him for being so brave. I told him I know it can be uncomfortable and even hurt a little bit, but to be strong and let the dentist finish working on his teeth and then we would be able to go to Mc Donald's if he was good for him. Then dentist came in and started brushing away and he did pretty good...way better then the first time! There were some tears, but overall he did great! Such a relief! The best part is the dentist said his teeth look great! No cavities and he can't tell by his teeth that he is thumb sucker! Yea!!

We went to Mc Donalds and Bailey decided to join in on the fun too. This is her climbing up the playground stairs! Silly little girl!

That night Nate requested a chocolate shake for dinner and when I told him no, he settled for a smiley face pancake with a shake for dessert.