Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pray for Taleah Stevenson!

Taleah is the 2 1/2 year old daughter of our long time friends Scott and Tosha(Orr) Stevenson. She has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently undergoing treatments. I can't stop thinking about their family and makes me sick to my stomach thinking what their family must be feeling and going through. I can't even imagine something like that happening to one of my children! I wish there was something more I could do for them to help them through this time, but all anyone really can do is pray. So please keep their family in your prayers!!

I pray God will give them strength and comfort as he did for our family when Skyler's Dad passed. I know he will be with them 100% of the way! I pray Taleah will have a healthy recovery and that they will all become stronger because of this!

It's a long journey and an expensive one...there is also a way to donate if you are able, any amount is greatly appreciated. Go to her website to read her story and see sweet pictures of this little angel, and there is the option to donate to help them with any and all upcoming costs.

We love you Steveson family!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The start to Bailey's baby room

I owe a big thank to my mother-in-law for helping me create my vision for Bailey's room! I told her what I wanted and she helped me install all the moldings! We started working on the nursery May 30th...I had Bailey June 5th ha ha (I am very last minute I know!) It started out as your basic blank room canvas (forgot to take a pic but you can just imagine)

WARNING: All pictures are horrible quality! My camera was lost at the time so I had to use my the camera on my horrible phone!! It looks better in person, but you get the idea :)

Day 1: I taped off the floor and painted the baseboards white. I drew a line around the bottom half of the room where I wanted the chair rail to go and she cut the moldings for me. I painted the bottom half of the room white while she painted the bedroom door and the moldings.

Day 2: We installed the chair rail!

Then I painted the top half of the room pink while she cut the picture frame moldings for the bottom half of the room (I wish I would have taken more pictures of us actually doing it!) She nail gunned them in place where we had marked that I wanted them to go.

Day 3: We put paper on the floor and she used her spray painter to paint the picture frame moldings and added another coat of pink to the top half of the wall.

At the end of day 3 we were done with painting and constructing! Here it is after we cleaned everything out of the room

I was then waiting for the wallpaper I ordered to put inside the picture frame molding. I had Bailey 2 weeks and a half weeks early so the room got put on hold. I started on it again on June 14th.

Here is a sneak peak of me putting up the wallpaper in the bottom half of the room... (I cropped myself out because I had just woken up and the kids were sleeping so I hurried in and did a few squares while I could before I got ready for the day so I looked gross!)

To see the finished baby nursery click here!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Announcements

So I went online to different websites to find baby announcements for Bailey and most the ones I liked cost a fortune!! I am talking like $75+ for 25 announcements!! The are CRAZY to think I am going to pay that much!! So I decided I would make my own! Here are a few I made for the way it cost me like $10 to print 25 5x7 at Costco. They were pretty easy to make just took some time, but I had so much fun playing around with them! Totally worth the savings!

Bailey's baby blessing announcement

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Monday, August 22, 2011


Bailey's first time going to church was when she was 6 weeks old on June 17th. She looked so cute in her pink dress. I had to teach young women's that day and I was so nervous about how she would do and she was great!

Round 2

We did a round 2 of baby pictures of Bailey because I wanted to get some of her and Nate and we wanted to try a get a few more good ones of Bailey. She was about a month and a half here and you can tell she was really starting to fill out compared to round 1 of her newborn pictures!

Family Night

A few weeks ago we had FHE at the Washington County Community Center. Nate absolutely loves it there! From the water slides to the dumping buckets of water to the lazy river it is such a blast! Its always great when we have a fun family night! Love spending time with my 3 best friends!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Over the 4th of July weekend we spent our time saying goodbye to Skyler's parents cabin up on cedar mountain. We had a great time, but it was so sad saying goodbye! Looking at the pictures we took and knowing it was the last time making memories at the cabins makes me really sad! Some of my very best memories were made up on that mountain! We went up there every July 4th and July 24th and then a few other times throughout the year. It was weird not being up there July 24th. That's Skyler's birthday and every year since we have been married we have been there! My sister-in-law said it best...there are still so many memories to make, just have to find a new spot!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Thanks to the makers of the Boppy! It has made my life a little easier! She could sit comfortably on the bathroom counter while I get ready, on my kitchen counter while I eat and on the washing machine while I fold laundry. Now she is starting to get so big and wanting to squirm and roll out of it so I don't use it as much anymore :( It was definitely awesome for the few months I used it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meeting cousin Kylee

The first time Kylee met Bailey it was love at first site!! She is still infatuated with her!! It's so adorable!! Bailey was 3 weeks old the first time they met. We often caught Kylee lifting up the carseat cover to look at her and if you asked her if she wanted to see or hold the baby the answer was always an excited head nod!! I think Angela needs to have another baby very soon ;) Kylee will be such a great big sister one day!! Until then she can come love on my baby anytime!!

Brotherly Love

Back when Bailey was about 2 weeks she was swinging in her swing and I went and took a quick shower. When I got out, I found that Nate helped decorate her swing a little more...apparently he thought his toys would be more fun to look at then the butterflies!! Bailey didn't seem to mind :)

Kiss kiss kiss

Bailey 11 days old

Swim Lessons

Nate took his first ever swim lessons back in June! He sure does love the water!! He did really well!! He didn't end up passing the class because he wouldn't ever float on his back on his own :) When it came to kicking and moving his arms he was amazing! He learned how to go under water and grab the rings on the bottom of the pool and he loved doing this! Kinda weird he had no problem going under water, but he got scared laying on the water when he was able to breathe ha ha! Silly boy!! We are so proud of Nate, he did so well at his swim lessons and has come really far! Here are some pictures from his first day (they are horrible quality because my phone doesn't take the best pictures!)