Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow down

My kids just grow up way to fast and always want to act older than what they are! Bailey started pulling herself up on furniture and in her crib a few weeks ago and she is only 6 months! The first time I walked into her room and saw her standing up in her crib I about died! She is so tiny and I am not ready for her to be so grown up yet! Every time I go and get her out of her crib now she is standing up against it. Whenever Nate hears her cry he runs into her room and jumps up onto the rocking chair and will start talking or singing to her until I get in there. Its so cute and she loves it! The first couple weeks she started pulling herself up on things he would point to her and so excitedly say "Mom, look! She is standing up!" Then he would go over to her and say good job Bailey girl! Now that she can interact and play with him a little more he loves it and he has been obsessed with her! He is always wanting to go pick her up and play with her. He loves trying to "help her walk" I love that he is such a big helper with her and it's so cute to watch them play and laugh together!

Nate helping Bailey walk

I wrote Nate's name on his new art easel and he said he wanted to try writing it. After a couple times of him tracing the letters I wrote he could completely do it on his own! We need to work on making the letters all the same height and the correct way to write them because he likes to start from the bottom and go up on the N and A and on the E he sometimes draws the top line first instead of drawing the side line. I was pretty proud of him for picking it up on his own! He is one smart kid and he loves to learn and gets so excited when he can do new things! This is him writing his name for Dad the next morning. Today he told me the he wants to learn how to write all the letters! I told him we could practice on writing a different letter everyday so its not to overwhelming and we can learn how to write them all the right way!

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