Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady Antebellum and Due West Concert

Skyler and I bought tickets to this concert about 2 months ago and I have been looking forward to going to it for a long time! I wasnt let down either! It was such a great concert! It was nice to go out with no Nate (thanks to my in-laws who babysat) and just enjoy ourselves and some great music! It was so relaxing and fun and was the perfect date. The only negative was it was outdoor and it was like 110 degrees outside so we were sweating like crazy!

Due West

Lady Antebellum

Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 months already?!

Nate turned 15 months last week and I cant even believe it! He has grown into such a handsome little guy and just love him to death! Just to pre-warn you this post is going to be all about Nate and what he is doing at 15 months so its going to be long. He had his 15 month check up on friday and he weighed 23.3 lbs and was 32 inches tall. At his 12 month appt. he was 27 inches tall and in the 10% for height and this time he was in the 75% for height! He grew 5 inches in the last 3 months! I knew he had grown a ton because he went from wearing 6-9 months clothes to 18th month clothes in 3 months! He has changed so much since his 12 month appt and not just in heighth. He is starting to say a lot of words and it is so fun! He could only say about 3 words at 12 months and now he can say over 25! He can say ma (ma ma), dada, ball, shooz (shoes), buh bye, yes and yeah, Jeez (Jesus and Jesse), hah dawg (hot dog), cheets (cheez its), wah (water), juice, nana (banana), men (amen), deer, fish, bird, qawk qawk (quack quack), woof woof, rawr (tiger, lion or dinosaur), boo (moo), gascar for madagascar (the movie), no, fu ball (football), tah dowh (touchdown), nahk nahk (knock knock), Ju ju (Josie), Ty, and Buddy (he calls all dogs buddy because that is the name of my in-laws dog). For some words he makes sounds instead of saying the word like for car he says broom broom and for horse he clicks his tongue. Anytime he is thirsty he runs to fridge and wines or says juice. Anytime he is hungry he runs to the pantry. Anytime we say lets go nigh night he gets his blankt and runs to his room. He has been copying us a lot lately and if Skyler and I ask him to say something he will try saying it. Its so cute. Sometimes it doesnt sound anything like what we are saying and sometimes it sounds exactly like it! He has been able to say no for a long time, but has never been big on saying it until yesterday and that is all I heard non stop! It was driving me nuts! Most of the time it is not just no either its na na na na no (I guess he figures if he hads 4 nas I will get the point). Nate pretty much understands everything we tell him to do. He is such a good helper (or tries to be anyways). He loves to push the laundry hamper from my bedroom to the laundry and help be put the clothes in the washer. He helps pull the clean clothes out of the dryer which is frustrating at times because he throws them all over the floor so they probably arent so clean anymore :) He loves to sweep and mop and clean the toilets with the toilet brush. He now knows how to lift the toilet lid up and so he is constantly playing in toilet water so we have to make sure that the bathroom doors are always closed! He has to be in my arms when I am cooking which makes making dinner extremely difficult, but I am starting to get it down. He loves pulling dvds out of their cases, so we had to move our dvds to a higher shelf. He loves climbing...he is a little monkey! He loves swimming, going to the park, and splash pads. His favorite movies are cars and madagascar. He loves throwing balls or really anything for that matter. He likes to swing a bat at a ball you throw him (I see a future baseball player :) He is only taking one nap a day which has its pros and cons. He sat through 95% of sacrament meeting for the first time ever on sunday! He is less then 3 months away from being in nursery (yea!) He is impossible to take to the store because he has figured out how to squirm out of the seatbelt and climbs out and runs wild all over the store! The other day we were at Applebees eating dinner with some friends and he had a HUGE come a part because they had a basketball glued to the wall and he wanted it and didnt understand why we couldnt give it to him. Note to self, do not go to restuarants with balls glued to the wall! He has 8 and a half teeth. He is getting in his 1 year old molers right now. Yesterday we bought Nate a Step 2 Kangaroo Climber and he absolutely loves it!! It came in seperate pieces and I had to put it together and Nate had already started climbing the pieces before I even got it put together! It was so funny! I am so glad he has something fun to play with that will keep him entertained! He played on it for 2 hours straight yesterday! Loved it!

Here are some slideshows of Nate at 15 months:

First time ever at Mc Donalds

At the Hidden Valley Splash Pad yesterday

His new favorite toy he got yesterday

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July up at the cabin with Skyler's family. His brother Jesse just got home from a mission a couple weeks ago and it was his first time going to the cabin since he has been home. We had a lot of fun! The weather was perfect! We went on a lot of 4-wheel rides. Our longest one was one we took to a creek and we got out and let Josie and Nate play in it. They loved it and didnt want to get out! We went up to brian head to watch the firework show which was so good! Skylers family has 4 horses and I got on a horse for the first ever which may suprise some people considering I am from Texas and most people think I rode on a horse to school. That was not the case...I was a city girl. I was nervous especially since Skylers dad was breaking in a horse right before I got on mine and I saw him get bucked off a few times. Needless to say I survived and it was fun. I felt like a little kid again especially since my neice (who just turned 2) was riding the horse by herself a couple of minutes before I rode. Oh well everyone has to be a beginner at some point :) Nate loves the horses and has to ride them with daddy everytime we are there! I love it...he is our little cowboy! We also had a horseshoe tourny. Skyler and I were partners and horseshoes is definitely not something we are good at! Even though we lost every game we still had fun. We love going to the cabin and always make such good memories when we are there! Skyler took a lot of pictures on his phone when we were up there that I havent been able to put on the computer yet so I only have a few to post.