Sunday, March 11, 2012

The rest of february

Feb 15th: We went to watch Blake play basketball (just like we do almost every wednesday and friday). I love going to watch the games. They are always so exciting and come down to the very last second! Nate likes to bring a few cars and play. Today he found a little friend to play with him :)

Feb 16th: We welcome baby Zoey to the world! Amy had her baby at 1:30am! I went over and visited them in the morning while Nate was at preschool and I left Bailey with Skyler. She is so adorable and I immediately fell in love with my sweet little niece! Love ya Zoe!

On the way to drop off Nate at practice it was so so foggy! I could barely see anything in front of me! I snapped this picture of this cool looking tree while stopped at a stop sign.

Later that night Bailey stood up for the first time! She can't stand up by herself, but if i stand her up and let go she will stay standing for about an average of 10 seconds! She is getting be such a big girl!

Nate didn't love that I was giving so much attention to Bailey and got a little jealous and started pulling out his "tricks." He kept saying watch me watch me mom! He was trying to twirl and catch the little was hilarious because he was be so serious and trying to so hard. I don't think baton twirling is in his future ha ha!

Feb 17th: Happy birthday to my cute nephew Tyler who turned 5 today! I can't believe it! Unfortunately he doesn't live close to us so we didn't get to see him, but we did get to talk to him on the phone! Love that boy!

I had activity days over at my house today and we decorated valentines day cookies! They were so delicious!! While we were decorating cookies the boys were outside playing and the next thing we knew they had their shirts off playing in the hose! It was a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect so it was just fine! Playing in hose water outside in the middle of february??...thats why I love St. George!

Feb 18th: I worked my quarterly shift at The Children's Place today. They had their new spring clothes in and they were so so cute! I couldn't help, but by a few things! So much for trying to make money :)

We went to Mcdonalds that night and Bailey was sucking down her drink so fast! I love watching her drink out of sippy cups! Its so cute!

Feb 19th: Today Nate gave the theme in Primary today. They told us the day before that he was suppose to and he worked really hard at memorizing it! He did such a great job! So proud of him!

After church Bailey did a great job of helping me with the dishes :)

Then Nate pinned down Bailey and she was laughing so hard then she got him right back!

Then we headed over the Skyler's moms for dinner and Nate stole Skylers hat on the way. My little gangster man

Bailey always tries to steal the kids sippy cups if they are lying around so today I got her one of her own and she loved it!

That night Josie and Dallin were sleeping over since their mom just had her baby and Grandma let nate join in on the fun too! They all had a sleepover and loved it! SInce we weren't planning on it and we went over there he didn't have pajamas so he wore one of Uncle Blake's t-shirts. Josie thought that was pretty cool so her and Dallin got one too! They all looked so cute! Dallin was busy playing but I did get a picture of Nate and Josie!

Feb 20th: Today was a breakfast for dinner kind of day. Mostly because we didn't have anything else in the house to eat! It was a big hit with the kids though! Even Bailey was downing the waffles!

Feb 21st: When we went to costco Nate asked if he could sit up next to Bailey. I love the costco carts for the fact I can't put both my kids in the front on of the cart. He was so excited and kept kissing Bailey! Some got a little passionate ha ha! I had to have the how we do quick kisses to family members talk.

The rest of the day was full of this

Needless to say I was ready for the day to be over!

Feb 22nd: It was finally bunco night! Bailey had been sick and cranky the last few days so it couldn't have come at a better time! It was a much needed girls night! When I got home Skyler had the kids asleep and it was oh so nice!

Feb 23rd: We went over and visited Amy and let Nate and Bailey meet their new cousin Zoey! We wanted to steal Josie and Dallin and take them to the new trampoline jumping place, but unfortunately Dallin was sleeping so just Josie was able to go. They had a blast! Since it was a school day there were hardly any kids there and the ones that were there were their age so it was nice!

Josie had told Nate about how she had just bought a dress and Nate had been working hard to earn money to buy himself a toy he really wanted. When we got home he asked if he could count his money to see if he had enough to buy his toy. We hadn't counted it in awhile and we were both surprised and excited when we counted it and found out he had just enough! He had to save up $8! He earned quarters by doing chores and convincing grandmas and aunts to give him their quarters! I told him at the start of the year that he could earn up money to buy himself a toy that he really wanted and he had a goal to earn 8 dollars so over the course of 2 months he did it and I was so proud of him! It was a good math lesson for him too! He grouped his money according the what coins they were and then I told him that 4 quarters make $1 and he needed to make lines with 4 quarters in each line. The was a fun learning and achieving a goal milestone! He is getting to be such big boy!

Feb 24th: Bailey woke up all night long with diarrhea! It was a long night! This is how many diapers I changed between 11pm and 8am! That is not normal!

I took her to see the doctor and there wasn't much they could do for us, but he did say she had a mild ear infection and gave us a prescription for that. We went to pick it up from the store and while we were there Nate bought his toy. I felt bad for the cashier lady who had to count out all his quarters, but she was a cute old lady and she loved the fact that he was paying for it himself! She was so nice!

Feb 25th: I went and saw the rest of the parade of homes with my mother-in-law. We had a good time! It was fun seeing all the beautiful houses even though they were a lot smaller this year!

That night my old roomie friend and her fiancé were in town and we double dated and went out to dinner. It was so fun seeing them and catching up!! I can't wait for their wedding in April!

Feb 26th: This is what our sunday afternoons consist of snuggle time and naps!

Feb 27th: The average monday always consist of laundry, ironing, store run and FHE treats :)

Feb 28th:The only picture I took today was of an amazing scrapbook layout my mom did of my sister's adorable family! I love it so much!

Feb 29th: Today was leap year and that means Skyler's brother Jesse had his real birthday this year! Thats right...he is a leap year boy! So he turned 6 (24)! His cute wife threw him a fun surprise luau party! He had a ton and friends and family there and she did an amazing job on everything! She served hawaiian haystacks and they were delicious! Nate inhaled it! I know what I need to start making more of for dinner! She had a fun how well do you know Jesse questionnaire and Skyler got defensive when he heard his mom won! He requested a recount and thought there is no way no one knew Jesse better them ha ha!