Thursday, January 13, 2011

Very Rarely

Very rarely do we get snow in St. George (which I am 100% ok with!) and if we do, it very very rarely sticks to the ground! Last week we woke up to a yard full of snow (it is the most snow I have ever seen here!) Nate loves the snow and had played in it a few times already this winter when we went up north so he was so excited to see it at our house! When he woke up I said Nate go look outside. He ran over to the back door and said SNOW!! so excitedly! It was so cute! He then said I am going to go put on my snow boots! He had just woken up and gone potty so he was only in his underwear. He started heading out the door looking like this...

I then said Nate you might want to put on something else to because its cold outside! He said ok and ran in his room and he came out looking like this...

I then realized I would need to dress him! So we got him somewhat bundled up and he was able to go out and enjoy playing in the snow in his very own backyard!

He built his very first snowman all by himself!! I told him how to do it and he went to it!

I think he did such a great job!! He was so proud of it!! (as was I!)

Not to shabby for a 2 year old :) Love him to pieces!!