Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is what happens...

When Nate helps me make treats for daddy :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Craft Bug

I LOVE doing crafts and lately I cant get enough of them! I have found so many I want to do and now its just trying to find the time (and money) to do them ALL! They are all budget friendly crafts, but with all the crafts I want to do even budget friendly crafts can add up fast :) I have made it a goal to try and make at least one a week. Some will hardly take anytime to make and some could take me awhile! I have a definite lack of decorations for all the holidays coming up so thats what most of my crafts will be focused on for the next couple months. The last two weeks I made these 2 crafts...

#1 Halloween Wreath

I found this wreath at the DI for $5 and spray painted it black

Got the skeleton, trick or treat sign, spider, spider web and bag of spiders and bats at the dollar store for $1 each

Total cost to make wreath and do the spider web outside my house--$6!

#2 Fall Topiary (I actually made 2 of them)

Bought fall leaf bushes at Michaels on sale for 99 cents! Cut them up and stuck them into a styrofoam ball from the dollar store

Got the flower pot at the DI for $1

Final Product...a $7 topiary!

These are some crafts I found on blogs that I like that I will use as inspiration for upcoming crafts!!