Thursday, January 26, 2012

My little Star

Jan 17th: Nate was the star of the week at preschool this week! Every week they rotate who it is and it was finally Nate's turn and he was beyond excited! I loved seeing his little face light up when I told him it was his turn! They made an All About Me poster at the beginning of the school year and when they are the star it gets hung up for all the class to see. They get to be the leader for all activities and on Thursday they get to bring treats for everyone in their class. When I asked Nate what treat we should bring, without any hesitation he said chocolate chip cookies! He loves them!

Nate wearing his preschool shirt

Jan 18th: We made a store run and got all ingredients to make the chocolate chip cookies for his class. I think one of the things he likes most about the cookies and helping make them! He loves to help me in the kitchen! I really do need to get an apron for him, but I am not sure how his dad would respond to that :) He is a great helper and loves to pour all the ingredients in, stir the batter and plop it on the pan! He pretty much made them himself with a little assistance from me. Love baking with my little chef!

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cnelson said...

He is definitely a STAR!! LOOOOOOVE those pics!!