Sunday, January 31, 2010

My anniversary present 11 days early!

So my old computer died and I havent had one for what seems to have been a year and yesterday we got new one! I was using a sony pc laptop and my husband has a mac laptop. He is huge apple fan now after having the mac computer, I touch and I phone so he wanted to get an imac for our home computer. They are pretty pricey so we have been putting off getting me one until we could afford one (I assumed it would be another few months). Yesterday we found an AMAZING deal on a 20" imac computer! It is so nice and so big! Everything is so clear and crisp (its like HD tv but on a computer!) I feel like I am looking at a tv screen! I was worried about getting a mac because I am not use to them, but I LOVE it! I now prefer it over a regular pc computer! I guess my husband converted me to be an apple lover too :)

My new computer!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few pictures!

Here are the pictures that should have gone with that post:

Nates bedroom accent wall

One with the crib against the wall. Now I just need to add the decor! I will post more pictures as I finish decorating it!

Me and my baby

Nate tackling the inflatable punching bag

My chirstmas presents from Skyler (I just hung them up in the entry way and love them! You will all have to come over and see them because they look better in person!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

It has been forever!

I know it has been forever since I have posted, but I promise we are still alive and doing awesome! My computer offically died about 2 weeks ago and so thats why I havent been able to blog or really be on the computer at all! I am at my moms house now using her computer so I thought I better give at least some kind of update! So here is a brief one...our christmas and new years was so wonderful and definitely one of the best! We were all so spoiled and it was so nice being with all our family! I really missed my sister amanda being here though! It just wasnt quite the same without her here! Its weird to think that next christmas Amanda, my brother Ty, and my brother-in-law Justin will all be on missions! What a blessing that will be for our family, but it will be crazy not to have the be with us!

Oh and I FINALLY finished painting Nates room! That took way longer then I expected! I dont think I will ever do something that detailed again! From now on I will just paint one solid color or maybe a few stripes or something! I love how it turned out and I am glad I did it, but it is definitely a one time thing! Now its time decorate (lets hope that doesnt take as long!) I have pictures on my camera, but I didnt bring the cord with me so I will have to upload those later! Sorry!

Skyler finished school last semester and has LOVED not going back! He made sure he rubbed it into his brothers that they had to go back and he didnt! He finished off last semester with a 4.0 and I am so proud of him! He is so amazing and smart and I just love him to death!

Nate is as cute and entergetic as ever and I cant believe he will be 2 in less than 3 months! Where has the time gone?! He is such a joy in my life and I cant imagine life without him! He is smart just like his dad! He talks quite a bit now and it is so fun! He is starting to say short phrases and its so cute! His newest is "have good day dad" He absolutely loves cars and balls! He got a little tackling inflatable punching bag type thing and he loves playing with that too! We say "READY" and he crouches down and then we say "HUT HUT" and he runs at it and tackles it to the ground! Its the cutest thing ever! We video taped it and I will have to post that too! He also is in a stage where he has to have every ball and teddy bear he owns in his crib with him we he goes to bed! Its so funny! He hardly has any room to sleep, but somehow he manages to squeeze in the middle of all of them so he is outlined by all his toys!

Sorry this post is so long and doesnt include any pictures! Hopefully I will have a new computer soon and can start blogging again on a regular basis!