Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting ready

One more day until Ty got home! We went over and hung out at my moms with everyone and made banners for Ty. So exciting!

St. Patty's Day

Nate sure loves St. Patricks Day! Its often the holiday that people forget about and don't really do anything for, but I try to make it fun for the kids because I myself love any and all holidays! Its fun to do something different and out of the norm! Honestly when I woke up in the morning I forgot it was St. Pattys day until when we turned on the tv for a morning cartoon and saw the green banner as appose to red and quickly remembered! Luckly you don't need much to make st patricks fun! Just some green food coloring! Nate was already sitting down eating a bowl of cereal so I didn't make anything fancy like green eggs or pancakes. I grabbed the food coloring and while he was inthralled in his show squirted in some green! I went and sat down and start feeding Bailey and about a minute later when he turned and looked in his bowl to take a bite he said mom come look!! I ran over and said what? He said the leprechaun was in my cereal! I said lets look around and see if we can find him! He must me here somewhere! While looking around Nate saw the lid to the food coloring jar (i left the jar by Baileys chair and luckily he didn't see that!) He said look mom his hat! I just went with it because it did look like a tiny green hat ha ha!! When I had squirted the food coloring in his bowl it squirted out funny so it had gotten all over my hand. As we were looking I said look Nate I almost caught him! He sprayed green all over my hand as he leaped out of it! He got so excited! We looked around a little longer and couldn't find him so I said lets go take a bath and we can find him after. He agreed to that and when he went in the bathroom he noticed he had left green in the toilet! I put him and Bailey in the bath tub and as they were playing I secretly squirted in green food coloring. They loved it! We got out and got ready for the day (making sure to wear something with green on it). We looked around a little more for the leprechaun, but with no luck we headed over to my moms house to hangout with all my family that was in town because my brother was coming home from his mission in 2 days!!

While at my moms how she (or should I say the leprechaun) sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to lead them to a little st pattys surprise! They loved it and it was so fun watching the run from room to room to find the different clues and evenly their very own bags of chocolate gold!

That night we had a Krave night! Everytime all my family comes into town we always make sure we do a Krave night if not multiple Krave nights! We love it! It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beginning of March

So its now the middle of Apirl and I have blogged nothing about the month of march! I am so bad at this! I have been great on my photo challenge of taking a picture everyday! So I have lots of pictures to post so this maybe picture overload, but I want to document everything even the small stuff! So here we go!

March 1st: Was a rain morning and I had no desire to get dressed. It was definitely a sweats and hair in a bun kind of day!

March 2nd: I got the opportunity to host an online Miss Plunkett party to earn credit towards their products (that i love!!) They sent me a sample piece so that I could show friends and family some of their items. I had Bailey model the flower...doesnt she look adorable as always!

Nate had a blue ring pop and I never realized how bad they make your mouth blue! He was watching a show and eating his ring pop and he was loving both!

We also had a ward party this night and it was a dance one. They played the most popular songs of the different decades and did the dances to them. Here is a video of Nate going all out completely doing his own thing! Ha ha love this kid!

March 3rd: Skyler was gone this morning (can't remember doing what) but I need to head out and go try and find outfits for us for family pictures with my side of the family. I usually try to never take my kids shopping, but for some reason I decided to give it a try today because I was in a shopping mode! I packed up the kids and headed for some stores! We went to the Childrens Place, Old Navy and then I remembered the new Gap store had just opened so we headed over to see what they had! I was so surprised at how awesome my kids were behaving! They did amazing at every store!! It was such a fun day shopping even though I had my kiddos!

That night we went over to our friends Shawna and Jasons house to hang out. We played sequence and the boys always dominate! Shawna and I actually pulled off the win to night! I had to take a picture to document the occasion :)

March 4th: The kids were taking a bath this morning and Nate kept sticking this blue thing on Baileys head. I asked him what he was doing and he said its her party hat mom. Ha ha! Bailey didnt seem to mind so I went with it.

Later that afternoon we had the Kirby door salesman come to our door. My mother in law had just bought one and my sister in law has one so I wanted to see what all the hype was about and if it was really as amazing as they said it was. We had them come in and vacuum and shampoo our carpets. Everything they pulled up was really impressive and really disgusting! I was sold on it, but we in no way had the means to pay for it so we sent them on their way!

March 5th: Bailey turned 9 months old! I was taking some pictures of her and Nate was getting jealous and wanted some of him too! So here is a little photoshoot each on of them and then them together :) Love my babies!

March 6th: Bailey is starting to teeth and was loving her teething ring foot today! Later that night Nate was watching a movie on Skyler's iPad and Bailey wanted to going in on the fun of watching it too!

March 7th: Almost every morning there is a dance party going on in my bathroom as we get ready for the day. We jam out to Justin Beiber Pandora Radio (skyler isn't to happy about this) while the kids are in the bath and while we get dressed and ready. Here just us jamming out while getting ready and Nate busting his moves :)

That night was the Relief Society's birthday party activity. Our ward did a service auction for it and it was so fun!! Probably the best Relief Society activity I have been to! I won the "best chocolate cake ever" and it was just that! It was so yummy!

March 8th: We went to Blake's baseball game tonight. Bailey was entertained by eating puffs the whole time.

March 9th: Bailey's first teeth just started poking through. Apparently she wanted to get an early start brushing her teeth :)

Nate spent the day outside playing with his friends for hours! He came home and sat on the couch while I made dinner and I looked over 10 minutes later to find him completely zonked out!

March 10: I have seen the waterfall braid all over pinterest and I love it so much! I decide I wanted to learn how to do it so I You Tubed a video and tried to copy it! Its pretty difficult to do on your own hair especially when you aren't great at doing hair to begin with! This was my attempt at it. Hopefully I can get better at it with time!

March 11th: The kids in their sunday best

March 12th: We had fairly descent weather today and it was the first day of spring break so we went with our friends shawna and Jayz to the Hidden Valley Park.

That night we went up to Gunlock and had a picnic dinner and collected some drift wood. It was a fun and beautiful night!

March 13th: The weather was perfect! Nate and I took advantage of it when Bailey was asleep. I laid out and he played in water buckets! Then a bunch of his neighborhood friends came over for awhile and they all played outside enjoying the beautiful day!

That night Lex and Kelsey had us over for dinner. Nate and Will played outside and Bailey tried to sneak out and join them a few times! She loved standing up on this car and walking behind it as Nate drove it!

March 14th: Nate had playgroup at his friend Porter Berquist house today and his mom sent me a picture of them all dressed up...so cute right? While he was a playgroup I went to target in search for a new duvet cover that I saw on my friends blog that I totally fell in love with!! Its so cute and the best part is it was only $25!! I have been wanting to change the colors of my room to grey and yellow for awhile now. I bought a grey rug at ikea a few months ago and when I saw this cute duvet cover I just had to have it! Here are pictures of the duvet and rug. Now i just need to make throw pillows, paint the walls, redo my headboard and add in new decor...not to much right? ;)

March 15th: I love "stunting" with my little girl! Future cheerleader?

Later that night we went to the park and had a picnic and hung out as a family! Favorite kind of nights!

March 16th: We had such nice weather this past week and we were outside pretty much everyday and this day was no exception! We once again went to the park. I put Bailey in a baby swing for the first time. Normally kids either love it or hate it at first and she didn't really do either. She just had a look of confusion on her face the whole time ha ha!

Angela, Tyler and Kylee got into town about 2 and as soon as they walked in the door the kids got right to playing candyland! We spent the rest of the day hangout at grandmas!