Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nate's 1st b-day studio pictures

Since Nate was sick on his birthday and then the next couple weeks were crazy I didnt have time to take him to get his free pictures done at Sears Portrait Studio until yesterday (I got a coupon in the mail for a free 8 x 10 protrait and a collogue and no session fee!) I was nervous about going because I know a lot of people had horrible experiences taking their 1 year old to get their pictures done! Nate is definitely not one to hold still for more then 2 seconds so this really made me nervous, but I really wanted to get a least one portrait of him at this age. You can't be free so I mustard up the courage and did it. I took him in right after he woke up after his afternoon nap and he was in a really good mood! He did such a good job and I think we got some really cute pictures of him! A lot of them show his personality which I love! I am posting the orginal proof pictures sears posted on their website. The 2 pictures I get are enhanced and so they arent on website. I will get them in about 2 weeks and then scan them and post them because they are super cute! I loved the girl that took his pictures! She was so good with him! She tried to pose him a couple of times but realized that didnt work so then she just let him play around with props and then we would call his name and make him laugh or make a goofy face and then she snapped the picture. So here are the orginals of the pictures we got done yesterday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Backyard Fun!

Now that the weather is so nice in St. George, Nate and I have been taking full advantage! We usually go and play outside at least once a day. I really want to go take him to a splash pad because I know he would absolutely love it, but I have been really busy the last couple of weeks getting everything finished in our new house. I know there will be plenty of time to do it in the summer once things are a little less crazy! Nate loves going outside! Here are some pictures of him playing outside in my in-laws backyard.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My precious neice!

Yesterday my mom, sister, and I had fun taking a photo shoot of my neice kylee! My mom bought her this tutu that is so adorable! We had such fun taking the pics and she was such a good model...she didnt cry once! We got some great pics! Here are the ones I took.

My sister wants copies of them so I am posting all the ones I took so it is a long slideshow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and Birthday Celebration

Easter Morning
Nate got an easter basket from the easter bunny with all kinds of yummy treats and hot wheels cars. It was fun to watch him play with the cars and of course he loves the candy! He went on an easter egg hunt sunday morning for the hard boiled eggs we ate for breakfast. He loved finding them and thought they were really fun to throw!

Birthday Celebration
We celebrated Nate's 1st birthday sunday night with family and friends. I made an attempt at making a 3 tier cake, but as you can see from the pictures it was falling. Arent there cakes that are suppose to look like they are falling? We can pretend that this is what I was going for :) The frosting was kinda melted so that didnt help either! It might not have looked the best, but it sure did taste yummy! Nate really liked it so thats the most important thing :) Nate got so many fun presents! Our new house will be full of toys! After nate opened his presents he clapped to let everyone know he loved his presents. He also clapped after taking bites of his cake. It was so cute! He is such a joy and you cant help but smile when you watch him play! We are so thankful to skylers parents for letting us have the party at their house. We thank everyone who came and mades nate's 1st birthday such a special day! We love you all!

Grandma Nelson's easter egg hunt at the park
My mom had an easter egg hunt at the park by her house for tyler and nate. It was so fun and they both absolutely loved it! They were so cute finding the eggs and once nate realized there was candy in the eggs he would find one and crack it open. It was so funny! After they found all the eggs they played on the playground. It was nates first time ever playing on a playground and going down a slide. He had the time of his life! Once they were all done playing at the park we went home and gave them a bath. They had fun splashing and playing with toys in the tub.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Son!!

Nate turned 1 today! I cant believe this day is here! It is definitely a bitter sweet moment! He has brought such a joy to my life and to our home! I cant imagine life with out his sweet spirit and fun personality. There is not a day that goes by that he does not make me smile or laugh. I love just sitting back and watching him because he does some of the funniest and most adorable things! He goes a 100 miles a minute, but I wouldnt want it any other way! I love that he loves to explore and figure out new things! He keeps me on my toes and by the end of the day I am always ready to put him down and take a breather! He still loves to eat and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. He has learned where grandma keeps her treats thanks to his cousin :) The other day he went into the pantry and got a ding dong and brought it to grandma to have her open it...notice how he didnt bring it to me to open it even though I was sitting right next to her :) He gabbers like crazy, but doesnt say to many words. He can say dada and mama and when he goes to my parents house every time he sees their dog he say "dahg" (I dont know how you would spell it :) but I dont know if he is really trying to say dog or not. He says oooh all the time! Whenever a phone rings or something unexpected or something cool happens he always says oooh. Its so cute! He loves to play outside and jump on the trampoline. He also loves to dig and play in the dirt which is good because when we move into our new house the backyard will be dirt for awile until we can afford to landscape it. He is such a good helper and loves to help me with the laundry and he will help me pick up toys and he loves to throw his diaper in the trash! He loves to throw balls or pretty much anything he is holding...which can be dangerous at times! He loves to dance! Anytime music comes on he will start to get his groove on. Believe it or not he actually enjoys me reading his books to him and when I am worn out from chasing him around I grab one of his books so I can sit down with him for a minute! His favorites are Halloween Fun (which we read all the time even though its not halloween), an ABC animal book, and a book that has pictures of animals that he can touch and feel.

The bad thing is nate woke up really sick this morning so he was sick for his birthday all day! We were thinking about having a BBQ party tonight with family and friends to celebrate his birthday, but we decided against that because he was absolutely miserable and the last thing he wanted to do was be around a bunch of people. He was running a temperature and his eyes were all watery and he was coughing...poor guy! He didnt even open any presents today or sad! I also didnt even get to take any pictures of him at all! We did manage to video tape singing happy birthday to him this morning when he first woke up, but you can tell he didnt feel to well because any other day he would have been smiling and clapping! I actually barely saw him today. We started to lay the wood floor in our house so my mom watched him for me from 9:30 to 6!! Thanks so much mom that was such a huge help! She said nate was happy the majority of the time he was there so I am glad it was not a completely horrible day for him! I am not sure when we will celebrate his birthday because this weekend is crazy, but hopefully we can find sometime saturday afternoon. Until then...happy birthday nate! We love you and are so blessed to have you as our son!

Birthday Video

Sunday, April 5, 2009

House updates!

Our house is coming along so fast! It should be done in just a couple weeks! I am so excited!! We laid the tile ourselves last weekend and we are going to start laying the wood floor Tuesday! They brought our cabinets to our house friday and they are going to install them tomorrow. Then they will install our countertops and lighting fixtures by the end of this week! The outside of our house has the brown coat on and most of the roof tile. They still need to do the stucco color, stone, and finish tiling the roof. Here are some pictures of the house up to date.

Our brother-in-law, tyler laying the tile in the kids bath

The floor hasnt been cleaned yet, but this is the finish product of the tile with the cabinet in the middle of the floor
The laundry room Skyler cut all the tiles using the tile saw and he got so dirty and soaking wet!
Master bath floor
Toilet room in the master bath
Kitchen area
The outside

Rub a dub dub, cousins in the tub!

Today Skyler's parents were watching their granddaught Josie (nate's cousin) and it was bath time for both of them so we decide to stick them in the tub together so the could still play. They loved it! Nate loved splashing! He would splash really hard and just crack up laughing! I dont think Josie loved it as much cuz nate kept splashing her. Here are some pictures we got of them.

Playing with Grandma

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just a little favor please

My sister Amanda is in a communications class at college and as part of an assignment the class needed to create a website and get a ton of people to subscribe to the site. It is a very large part of her grade. She asked me to advertise it here. If any of you have a chance to go subscribe on this site, she would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all so much!

The site is