Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calling all Procrastinators!

I am so excited to do christmas cards this year! We just got our family pictures back and I have been looking around for cute christmas cards to put them on! While searching I discoveredshutterfly's cards and they are so cute!!! I will for sure be printing mine from their site! My sister recently got me hooked onto Shutterfly and I have already created so many projects! It is so easy to use! If you are anything like me, which hopefully you are not, you are a not on-the-ball person. Here I am on December 8th with only 2 christmas presents boughten out of the 50 I need and no christmas cards ordered! Well if you have NOT already ordered your Christmas cards here is the one time us procrastinators can catch a break!

When you sign up for a Shutterfly account you get 50 FREE 4x6 prints! And if you are a blogger you need to check out their 2010 Holiday Card Promotion! You can receive 50 FREE Holiday Cards! They have such a great selection with over 800 cards to choose from! They are foldable or stationary! I guarantee you will be able to find the perfect one to go with your family picture!

Here are a few examples from their adorable selection...

You could go elegant


or something sweet


or put reasons why you loved 2010


Or put multiple pictures from throughout the year



Monday, November 1, 2010

Eventful week

FYI--This is a long long post about my father-in-laws accident and beginning stages of recovery. If you already know the story or dont care to read it scroll down and you can see pictures and a video of Nate on Halloween.

It all started monday morning when Skyler, his dad and brother Blake were out on the deer hunt. My morning was a usual monday morning. My friend had dropped off her daughter that I babysit during the week and we were building blocks when my phone rang. It was Skyler's mom. I assumed she was calling to see if I wanted to go do something with her and my sister in law while the boys were out hunting. I answered the phone and she asked if I had talked to skyler that morning and I was like no why? She said well there has been an accident. My heart dropped and I said oh my gosh what happened! She began to cry and said Rick (skylers dad) had been hurt. Her son Blake had called her and said the horse fell on dad and life-flight was on its way to get him and bring him to the hospital. She told me she was heading over to the hospital and I told her I wanted to go but I was babysitting my friends little girl so I couldnt. I began to cry because I really wanted to be there but there was no way I was going to bring 2 kids 2 and under to the hospital to wait around. She said she would call me when she found out anything else. In tears I hung up the phone and went over to Nate and said grandpa got hurt can you help me say a prayer for him. He said yes and we prayed for him. Thats all I felt I could really do since I couldnt be at the hospital. Then a minute later my phone rang again and it was my mom. Skyler had hurt both his wrists a couple nights previous and we werent sure if they were sprained or broken so she was calling to see how he was doing. I said well skyler is doing fine, but I just got a call from his mom that rick has been in a horse accident and is being life-flighted to the hospital. She immediately said let me come over and watch the kids so you can go over to the hospital and be with the family. I was so thankful and knew at that instant that heavenly father had prompted my mom to call me at that moment so that I would be able to go over to the hospital because I wanted to be there more than anything. I didnt want to call and ask her to come watch them but when she called me and offered it was the greatest blessing! Once my mom got to my house I went over to the hospital.

To make a long morning short we found out he had broke his pelvis bone and needed surgery, but the saint george hospital was not able to treat his kind of injury. He was life-flighted to the Salt Lake City Intermountain Medical Center where he was put in the ICU where they could keep a good eye on him. My mother and sister in law drove up to salt lake that day so they could be with him. Blake and Jesse had school and skyler needed to stay and run the office so we decided we would all go up that weekend to visit him.

Tuesday morning a woke up really sick. I was sick all day and woke up still sick on Wednesday. I called the doctor and the soonest they could get me in was friday morning and it wasnt even with my regular doctor but I didnt care! I wanted to get in and get medicine so I could go up to salt lake that weekend. Friday I woke up feeling a little better but still sick. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me medicine and when I got home I took it and instantly felt so much better! There again was another great blessing!

Meanwhile during the week Rick had to wait until thursday to have the surgery because they had to wait for some internal bleeding to stop and it did. It was a 6 hour long surgery! The doctor said surgery went really well. He had broken his pelvis in 4 places and broke his sacrum. He had multiple plates and screws put in him and he has a exterior fixation rod on the outside of his stomach to hold his pelvis together (he says he has a built in QB towel holder now :) The exterior rod will be moved in 6 weeks, but the plates and screws will stay in him for life. The doctor said he can put weight on his right leg, but no weight on his left leg for 2 months! The physical therapist said his injury is the hardest to come back from, but the doctor gave him a 100% recovery prediction so we know he will make it through this! He should be coming home weds or thursday this week. They will transfer him from the salt lake hospital to a saint george rehab center in an ambulance. He will have to stay at the rehab center for 2-3 weeks until he can pull himself up and get out of bed by himself. It will be nice to have him back in saint george so we can go and visit him more often! He has a long road of recovery but we know he will make it through this! We appreciate all the love, support and prayers everyone has given Rick and our family! Keep them coming as the recovery process is just beginning!

Since we were up in Salt Lake for halloween we packed nates costume and decided we would take him trick or treating up there. He loved it despite the fact that is was raining and cold! I was glad I bought him a costume that was able to keep him warm! He was a dinosaur for halloween and he LOVED his costume! He was so excited when we put it on (I wish I would have video taped it!) Once he got his costume on he was running around Skyler's grandmas house roaring at everyone! It was so cute! He had been watching cartoons all week where different characters were going trick or treating and he was so excited to go.

After we put him in the hospital we went over to the hospital to show grandpa rick his costume. He wasnt being a great sport at the hospital...he was to anxious to go trick or treating! Skyler and I left the hospital and brought him back to skylers grandmas where we were going to go trick or treating. Unfortunately it was still raining but that didnt stop us! We busted out the umbrellas and headed down the street!

He ran up to the first door with Skyler and said trick or treat and they gave him a candy and ran back to me so excited and said look mommy as he opened his bag to show me the treat. Skylers grandpa game with us as we took him door to door. It was a lot of fun watching him go up to each house and say trick or treat! He was always so polite and remembered to say thank you! Although I think in the video skyler told him to say it, but at the majority of the houses he said it on his own! After we would get done with one house he would say lets go to another house! We went to 20+ houses and I was afraid he was going to be so sad when were done, but when we ended back up at skylers grandmas house he said grandmas house! I was like yep we are all done and we made it back to grandmas...should we go sow her all the treats you got? He was like yeah! He was so excited to show her his trick or treat bag with all the goodies he got! We dumped it out in front of her fire place and he admired all this treats! Even though halloween isnt how i thought it was going to be with nate trick treating by himself with just skyler and I and great grandpa it turned out to be a lot of fun and nate really enjoyed it!

Here are a few pictures and a video of our weekend. (I didnt take any at the hospital...I didnt think Rick would want pictures of him at the hospital...I know I wouldnt!)

On our way up to Salt Lake we got a flat tire as we were passing Parawon and we didnt have a spare! There were no shops open anywhere close to us nor were there any car rental places open! Luckly there was an off ramp some what close to us where would could drive the car slowly to a gas station. We tried pumping it with air but the tire was too flat and would not pump up at all! Jesse called one of his friends who drove up skylers truck while his wife drove up their car. He dropped of skylers truck to us and then him and his wife drove back home. Thats a good friend! (We were an hour away!) Here is a picture of us chillin at the gas station waiting for his friend to drive up skylers truck.

Blakes birthday was on thursday and since his dad was in the hospital and his mom was up in salt lake with his dad he didnt get much of a birthday celebration this year (just dinner with skyler and jesse). We celebrated his birthday at the hospital on saturday when we were all there. One of his presents was a unicycle. Here are some pics of skyler and blake trying it out...

Great Grandpa helped entertain nate while the boys were messing on the unicycle. He brought out the blower and nate loved playing with it and blowing the leaves!

Great Grandpa showing nate how to do it

Nate doing it all by himself

Nate trick or treating

Here are a few pictures of Nate in his costume...the pictures arent the greatest quality cuz my camera was dead :( I might take some more tomorrow with him in his costume to try and get some good ones cuz he looks so cute in it :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is what happens...

When Nate helps me make treats for daddy :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Craft Bug

I LOVE doing crafts and lately I cant get enough of them! I have found so many I want to do and now its just trying to find the time (and money) to do them ALL! They are all budget friendly crafts, but with all the crafts I want to do even budget friendly crafts can add up fast :) I have made it a goal to try and make at least one a week. Some will hardly take anytime to make and some could take me awhile! I have a definite lack of decorations for all the holidays coming up so thats what most of my crafts will be focused on for the next couple months. The last two weeks I made these 2 crafts...

#1 Halloween Wreath

I found this wreath at the DI for $5 and spray painted it black

Got the skeleton, trick or treat sign, spider, spider web and bag of spiders and bats at the dollar store for $1 each

Total cost to make wreath and do the spider web outside my house--$6!

#2 Fall Topiary (I actually made 2 of them)

Bought fall leaf bushes at Michaels on sale for 99 cents! Cut them up and stuck them into a styrofoam ball from the dollar store

Got the flower pot at the DI for $1

Final Product...a $7 topiary!

These are some crafts I found on blogs that I like that I will use as inspiration for upcoming crafts!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This was Skyler and I's 4th year to go to the Lion's Dixie Round-up (aka Rodeo). The Rodeo was one of our very first dates. Skyler probably doesnt remember this, but the first picture we ever took together was at the Rodeo. It has been a fun tradition for us to go every year! This year Skyler's Grandma bought us tickets to go and we thank her so much! We had a great time! Nate was so excited all day to go to the rodeo. He loves seeing horses and cows and when we told him that we were going to see them at the rodeo thats all he could talk about all day! Although he got antsy at times he really loved being there! Unfortunately Nate has outgrown his cowboy boots and he was sad he couldn't wear them! He loved his boots and we are going to have to get him some new ones so he can be a cowboy just like his daddy!

Nate loved waving to all the rodeo princesses as the rode by on their horses!

As we were leaving they had this race car sitting out on display and nate immediately ran over to it! He loves race cars! He was mad when we told him he could get in it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long time coming!

So its been just about a month since my last post and so much has happened! I wish I was updating my blog throughout this past month like I should have been! For now I am only going to post pictures of our new valances skyler and his mom made. We have been desparetly needing blinds for our living room window that is 94 1/2" long! We got a few quotes awhile back and the cheapest one we were given was $250 for just that window. We also needed one for our back sliding door because the sun comes right through our back windows in the afternoon/evening and it makes those rooms so hot! You will are also blinded by the sun if you sit in these rooms during those times! This makes dinner time miserable since the sun is beaming in on us. A few weeks ago we were at home depot getting stuff for our drip line (we got some bushes from a friend...i will post about that later!) and we happened to pass down the blind section and notice some long blinds! Well sure enough they were 96" long so they were a little longer then our window, but they were only $18!! So since they were a little longer we decided to make window valances to hang them under. We figured it couldnt be that hard and it would probably add a lot of character to the house. We went and looked at wood and crown molding and before we knew it we purchased it all and it was time to build it! I was hosting bunco at my house in less than a week and was dreading it because we were all going to be blinded by the sun and everyone would be miserable! This was the perfect solution and I was so excited! Skyler being the amazing husband he is promised me he would build the valances and have them and the blinds hanging by bunco! That was a huge relief! Well wednesday came and nothing had been built so I was getting a little nervous! How were we going to pull off building them and staining them and getting them all hung up in 24 hrs? Well a big thanks go to my mother in law for helping my husband fulfill his promise! They stayed up until midnight building them and then worked on them again in the morning finishing staining them! They dried all day thursday and skyler and i hung them up an hour before bunco started! Finishing about 5 minutes before everyone walked in the door :) I love them so much! They make such a huge difference in our house not only heat wise, but look and feel! I couldnt have asked for anything more perfect!! Thanks skyler and tammy!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My new find!

Are you earning swagbucks?
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Monday, August 2, 2010

And that makes 3!

This past week we said our goodbyes and see ya laters to Skyler's brother Justin. He is serving his mission in Brazil and was suppose leave straight to Brazil July 13th and go to the Brazil MTC. His VISA did not come in time so they pushed his departure date back to July 28th and he went to the Provo MTC instead. I had already planned a trip with my mom and sisters to go to California July 27th so I was pretty bummed his date got moved back and I wasnt able to be there for his setting apart. Thank goodness they didnt move his farewell date back so we were able to go to his farewell and hear him speak. He did such a good job!! Nate and I went and said our goodbyes Monday night before we left out of town. It was so sad to watch nate say goodbye! Nate really doesnt understand that he wont see him for 2 years, so it is going to be hard to explain that to him when he asks "wheres jussin go?"They have become such good buds over the last few months and I know Nate is really going to miss his Uncle Justin! Sunday dinners are not going to be the same without him! Even though we are going to miss him like crazy, we are so proud of Justin and the decision he has made to serve a mission. He is going to be such a good missionary! He has such a good heart and is so willing to help and serve people! I know the people of Brazil are going to love him! This makes 3 siblings Skyler and I have out on a mission! Our family has already been so blessed! Reading the letters you get from them brings such a great spirit into our home! Nate sure does miss his Aunt and 2 Uncles, but they are setting such a great example for him! Thank you Amanda, Ty, and now Justin for your willingness to serve! We love you all and pray for you every night!! Never forget you have a family here that loves and supports you, but most importantly you have your Heavenly Father that loves and supports you! He will ALWAYS be there for you even, no ESPECIALLY, in your time of struggles, loneliness and hardships! Turn to him always and during this time while you are gone away from your family and friends is the time you can and will draw the closest to your Father in Heaven. Make him your new best friend! I promise you he wants to be it and he will make the best friend you ever have! Work hard and we will see yall before you know it!!

Nate and his cars saying goodbye to Justin:

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We just got back a few days ago from visiting some of our best friends in Chicago! We have missed them so much since they moved and it was so fun to see them again! Skyler and I have never been to Chicago before so that was just the icing on the cake to tour Chicago! We stayed with Judd and Liz at their parents house and it was so fun! His parents are so nice and fun to be around! We appreciate everything that Judd and Liz and their parents did for us! You guys are the best and we cant wait to come out and visit next summer ;)

We got to Chicago at like midnight on thursday and stayed up until like 3am talking. We slept in on friday which was wonderful! I cant remember the last time I slept in! When we woke up Judd and Liz took us on a tour of Crystal Lake which is the area they live in that is about an hour outside of downtown Chicago. Judd showed us the high school he went to and then we took us to Crystal Lake which is like 10 minutes away from his house.

Skyler and I at Crystal lake.
After going to the lake we went to eat lunch at Portillos. It was so delicious!!! Skyler and I both got the Italian beef sandwich with mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers. It was so delicious we made Liz take us there the day before we left to eat lunch there one last time before we left since they dont have anything like that in St. George.

Skyler and I at Portillos
One of the main reasons we went to Chicago is because Judd's family plays backyard baseball. I must say it is not your everyday backyard baseball. They are legit! They keep stats and have a batting average chart going up their rain gutter! Judd "recruited" Skyler to come play this summer and Skyler was so excited to go and experience backyard baseball at the Thompson Ellis Field. I wish I had a picture of the whole backyard, but I forgot to take one. It is the perfect backyard baseball field! The whole field is surround by trees. It is so beautiful!

Skyler up to bat for the first time
Skyler after hitting a home run his first time up to bat!
They taught be how to take stats!

Skyler and Judd (Love this picture!)
The batting average chart. By the end of our stay skyler made his way up to the top of the batting average chart! Leaving Chicago with the highest batting average! Woot woot!
After playing baseball we played hockey! They have a sports court in their backyard too, so we played hockey on roller blades. Liz and I played with them and it was a lot of fun! I had only roller bladed like 3 times in my life so I was a little nervous! I mainly just stood there and would go after the puck if it came near me. I must add I did score a goal :) After hockey we went inside and showered while Judd's parents went and picked us up some Chicago style pizza! It was so yummy!! Judd's family is huge into playing games and I love playing games so I was in heaven :) The first night we were there we played a game that Judd's brother made up called Who's the Homo? How you play is you get someone's yearbook and you take pictures of the pages that have the student pictures (or you could pass the yearbook around, but that takes longer). Once all the pictures were taken he plugged the camera into the tv and so the yearbook page was blown up big for everyone to see. There is a judge and everyone else writes down who they think the prettiest girl is. When everyone has written down who they think the prettiest, one person points out who we picked as the prettiest girls to the judge. The judge then decides who is the ugliest out of the girls we picked and whoever picked the girl the judge thought was the ugliest out of the pretty girls gets a homo point. The object of the game is to get the least amount of homo points! Ha ha it might sound crazy, but it is fun! I won that game :) After playing games we stayed up and the boys played the new fifa play station game while liz and i watched tv and talked and blog stocked! It was such a fun day!

Saturday we again slept in! The boys has a backyard baseball game they played in at 11. Liz and I went to the Mall!! It was so nice to go to big mall with tons of stores!! Liz and I went to the Mac store where we tried on their new blush that we loved. One of the girls working their had really pretty eye makeup and we wanted to ask her how to do ours like hers. She was busy working on another client, but this guy that worked there offered to show us how to do it. It was the smokey eye look. I have never worn so much eye makeup in my life (I feel like I look goth!) It was fun getting our make-up done though even if i will never do my make up like that!

Before picture
Liz and I after our goth make overs :)

We stayed at the mall until like 4 and then went back to Judd's house to get ready to go to one of Judd's friends weddings. That was eventful :) We only stayed for like 20 minutes and then headed back to Judd's house. His mom made a yummy enchilada dinner! We played a card game called Nello which was a lot of fun! It is kinda like the game spades and rook. Skyler and I won that!

Playing Nello

Sunday we got up and went to church. Judd teaches the 13 year old sunday school class so we went and sat in on that. It was fun to see him teach! After church we just hung out and Judd's Dad did a fish boil! I am not a huge fan of fish, but it was really good! We played Jeopardy that night. What we did was everyone came up with their own category and 4 questions that went along with that category. One person would go up and read their question and the rest of us all had buzzers and if you knew the answer you would buzz in. If you got that question right you got the number of points the question was worth. If you got it wrong you had to minus half the points the question was worth off your score. The top 3 people with the highest score went to final Jeopardy and the forth place person came up with a question for the 3 finalist to answer in final jeopardy. Judd's dad won that game. We also had casino night that night. We all got chips and we played different rounds of a ton of different games we bet the chips on. The person who wins the most chips at the end of the night got to sign the felt casino table they had and got their picture taken. All winners pictures are hung in a frame on the Thompson's wall. Judd's Dad also won casino night!

Judd's Dad after winning Casino Night
Monday we got up and went on a tour of downtown Chicago! Judd's Dad was our tour guide :) We piled into a big van. He had a microphone and everything! It was so funny!
Judd's parents paid for us to go on a boat tour of downtown which was so amazing! Thanks again for doing that! We loved it!!! While we were waiting for our boat to come to the dock we saw this! It was two guys jumping off the trump tower!! Why you ask? Because it was the stunt men in the new movie being filmed of Transformers 3!!! We got to watch some of it being filmed! It was so cool! (you will see more pictures of the filming below)
This sign was posted on the boat dock

Me waiting to get on the boat
Skyler and I after boarding the boat
Pictures of downtown Chicago while on the boat ride

Our boat was stopped by the police boat because they were filming a scene right above us!

We heard a bunch of gun shots and then saw this!! Liz took the picture at the perfect time!!
Cameras :)
This is what was being filmed above us!

After that exciting boat tour Judd's Dad picked us up and took us to Wrigley Field!

After walking around Wrigley field for awhile Judd, Liz, Skyler and I went to the John Hancock building and ate lunch on the 95th floor!

This it the picture of Skyler and I waiting to go up to the 95th floor Signature Room Restaurant
These are the views from the Restaurant

The John Hancock Building that we ate lunch in
Skyler and I walking the streets the Chicago
This was a cool fountain at Millennium Park
The famous Chicago Bean!

White Sox Stadium
Liz and I in front of our favorite store...Forever 21!

The subway

We went to the Chicago Cubs game that night! They were playing the Houston Astros which was really fun to watch since I am from Houston! I have been to many Astros game, but never to a game at Wrigley Field! I do have to say the cubs fans are great fans! It was fun being there! It was even better since the Astros won hehehe!

Skyler and I about an hour before the game
Sky, Judd, me and Liz
The stadium filled right up!

Our last day there we slept in one last time! Our flight didnt leave until 7 (or so we thought) so we took our sweet time. We went to the mall again and the went and ate at Portillos one last time! After leaving Portillos we headed to the airport that was about an hour and a half away. Almost half way there we realized our flight didnt leave until 8:50! We far enough away we didnt want to turn back, so we go to the airport at like 6. When we got to the airport we found out our flight was delayed until 9:30! Skyler and I ate dinner at one of the restaurants in the airport and then we sat and watched Friday Night Lights Tv episodes that skyler recorded to his laptop so the time actually flew by pretty fast! By the time we flew into Vegas and drove the 1 and a half home we pulled into our drive way at 3am! We were so tired and definitely fell asleep right away!

We had such a fun trip!! I want to say a BIG thank you to my mom and sister Alena for staying at our house to watch Nate and our dog! We appreciate yall so much!! Yall are the best!! Sorry for the long post, but I guess thats what happens when you go on a really fun trip!! It should be longer to considering I have posted in over a month! I leave for California on tuesday for a girls trip with my mom and sisters and our kids! I cant wait!!