Sunday, February 28, 2010

We did it

Last night when we put nate in a "big boy bed." It probably wasnt the best night to make the change because he was really sick. He woke up 3 times the night before throwing up and then yesterday he had a high fever all day. It was the only day we had to take down the crib and put up the bed so we went ahead and did it. He fell asleep watching a movie last night on the couch so we just put him in the bed. He woke up during the night though with a high fever so he kept getting out of bed. Hopefully this will stop when he is not sick anymore...

His new bed!

He looks so tiny in it!

Of course he cant sleep without his bears!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's time...

As some of you know this is what has been happening in our house for the last month...

He is the expert at climbing out of his crib! Every time I tell people this they are amazed and ask how he does it. Well I managed to capture it on video! He does it almost every time we go to lay him down. At first it wasn't to bad because he couldnt open his bedroom door and he would only climb out at nap time, but after about a week he figured out how to open the door and master climbing out even when it was dark in his room! He is one determined little boy! About 2 weeks ago we did out nightly routine with him and laid him down for bed. Skyler and I were just out talking in the kitchen and all of a sudden we hear nates door open! I was like "Nate, that better not be you coming out of your room!" We heard the door shut and he didnt make a peep! Ha ha! I went in there because I knew he would not be able to climb back in his crib and I was like "nate what are you doing...its nigh night time." He walked back over to his crib and stuck his hands up for me to stick him back in because he knew he was in trouble! Now every time he tries to open the door I say "nate, that better not be you coming out!" He shuts the door and just plays with his toys until he falls asleep on the ground.

We have finally decided its time to put him in a "big boy bed." I have been dreading this day, but now that he treats his crib like a bed I dont think its going to be a big ordeal to switch him over. Skyler's grandma has an extra twin bed she said we could have, so sometime this week we will go get that and make the switch. I am also dreading making the switch because I cant believe he is already old enough to be in a "big boy bed." Isnt he just a baby still!! It makes me sad to see him growing up so fast, but it is a lot of fun too! I love that I can be a stay at home mom with him! There is no greater job in the world!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So yesterday Skyler and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I am so in love with that boy! It was such a great day! Thank you to everyone who called and left messages wishing us a happy anniversary! We really appreciate it! He made a slideshow for me that started with the time we were dating until now. Of course I balled while watching it ha ha and then we went to dinner at the Gun Barrel! So yummy! Then we went to the mall and then to see Dear John! I think he was the only guy in the movie ha ha! We saw some of his old high school girl friends and he had to make it clear he was only seeing it with me since it was our anniversary! Ha ha! I liked the movie, but I didnt love it like I thought I would. Had it ended a little different I probably would've loved it!  All in all it was a wonderful day! I am so lucky and honored to have him as a husband and the father of my children! I look forward to many more wonderful years!