Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve

Finally getting around to posting about Christmas! We had such a fun and busy christmas this year! Christmas eve we went over to Skyler's moms house and made gingerbread houses, had hot chocolate and just had fun hanging out! The kids got to open a present from grandma and she gave them books of the Night Before Christmas and it was one where she recorder herself reading the story to them! It was so cool and will be such a treasure for them to have! They also opened their christmas PJs! I decide to be crafty and make Nate and Bailey pajama pants this year. I found a tutorial on interest that looked pretty easy so I gave it a try! They turned out really cute and I was so excited about them! After they opened them Nate put them on and was running around playing with his cousins and the next thing I know he has a gaping hole right down the seem along his butt! He had been running and stepped on it or something and it tore a hole in them! I was so sad! All my hard work went to waste :( I didn't even get a picture of him wearing them because I figured we would have a lot of them wearing them christmas morning. I ran home and got him a some pjs and when I got back I put Bailey in hers and immediately took a picture just in case ha ha! Hers did last and they looked cute on her! They were a little long, but really cute! I was glad that at least one of them worked out!

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