Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lesson learned

Back on July 19th (yes trying still trying to catch up on blogging!) we had a fun visit to the doctors office. Ok so it wasn't so fun at the time, but its definitely something we look back on and laugh at! It all started when I was putting Nate down for a nap. I am lucky enough to have a 3 year old that still takes a 1 1/2-2 hr nap everyday! His nap started the same way it does everyday, I laid him down kissed him good night and went out on the couch to fold some laundry. After about 5 minutes I hear Nate crying. I said Nate whats the matter (kinda annoyed because I really just wanted him to go to sleep) and he said something, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. I told him to come out and talk to me. He came out of his room and I asked him again what the matter was. He then proceeded to tell me he stuck a bead up his nose! I repeated this back to him to make sure I understood what he was telling me and he said yes! I looked up his nose and I didn't see anything! I asked him if he is sure he stuck it up is nose and if he was sure that it was still in there. He said yes my nose hurts really bad mom there is a bead in there! I took another look and still couldn't see anything! He had stopped crying at this point and I held one side of his nostril and had him blow to see if we could blow it out. He blew and I didn't see anything come out but he said that his nose felt better. I told him to blow a few more times and I still didn't see anything come out. He told me that it came out and his nose felt better. I thought ok it must have come out and I just don't see it anywhere or maybe it had come out right after he put it in his nose and it was never actually stuck he just thought it was in his nose because it hurt when he stuck it in. So I sent him back to his bed to take his nap.

He slept for 3 hours which was awesome, but then he woke up screaming that his nose hurt again! He said the bead is still in there! I took a look again and still didn't see it, but I thought it was weird that he woke up crying that hard. I called Skyler and told him the situation and he told me to take him to the doctors office and he would meet me over there because he was just getting off work. We got to the doctors office at 6 and saw an on call doctor that Skyler ended up knowing. We told the doctor what happened and he laughed and said Nate was the 3rd kid that week that stuck something up his nose (and it was a tuesday!). I was so glad I wasn't the only one with a child that stuck something up his nose!! I was so embarrassed to go to the doctors office and tell them what happened, but I guess they get it quite often! The doctor was really good and nice to Nate! Nate was so good about letting the doctor look up his nose with the light but he freaked out when they brought in "the sharp things" (that really weren't sharp). The doctor let him hold and touch them to show him that they weren't sharp and they wouldn't hurt. Nate didn't care though...he had already had his mind made up that this was going to hurt and skyler had to hold him down as the doctor used the tool to get the bead out. It was a weird shaped bead so the doctor wasn't sure if he would be able to get it out! It took a few tries with a few different tools, but after about 10 minutes he got it out! Glad we didn't have to do surgery to get it out! I don't think Nate will be sticking anything up his nose ever again (or at least for a long time :)


Cheryl Nelson said...

So dang funny! What a boy!

McKenzi and Matt Irvin said...

Haha. This is hilarious! So glad they were able to get it out!