Sunday, September 25, 2011

All caught up

With 15 posts in the last week this post will officially catch me up to date on my blogging! Woo hoo! Last week on Sept. 15th we went to the Rodeo. It is something we have done every year and has become our little tradition. The first picture Skyler and I ever took together was at the rodeo 5 years ago! Who knew then that 5 years later we would be taken the same picture and adding 2 kids to it :) I wouldn't want it any other way! Love my family of 4!

Then 2006:

Now 2011:

A few days ago I was sitting on the couch talking and playing with Bailey and she started laughing. Skyler got a little bit of it on video.


Love Sweet Love said...

I love that you guys get to go to the rodeo every year-how FUN to have a picture then and now with your family of FOUR!!! THANK YOU for posting a video of Bailey laughing-so so cute, I hate that I have to miss all that! :( But I do love Nate in the background! :)

Cheryl Nelson said...

Darling! LOVE the pics and the video!

Kaitlin Norton said...

That is so so so crazy that was five years ago! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were living in good old Rebel Creek Ridge picking up on the hot single men (or lack there of) haha