Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cookin up a storm

Nate loves helping me cook dinner or make treats. Everyday he climbs up on the counter and asks if he can help me make things. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes it makes me nervous because he wants to be the one to stir things in boiling water and put things in the oven and he gets upset when I tell him he can't! He knows that he can't be near the stove or oven so now he settles for helping be prepare the meal and then I put it in the oven.

Here he is helping me make braided pizza

And another night we made Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

I found both of these recipes on Pinterest and they were so yummy!! I have actually made quite a few recipes off Pinterest and they all have been big hits in my family!! What have I made?? Here is the list of yumminess! (if you want the recipes they are all on my Pinterest boards...if you are not on Pinterest yet and would like an invite leave your email and I will send you one! I have to worn you though...Pinterest can be really addicting!)


Crockpot Italian Chicken (a lot of people serve it over rice, but we like it over pasta)
Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas
Garlic Chicken Bowtie Pasta (I made this for bunco and just about every person asked for the was delicious!)
Creamy Chicken Taquitos (I made them with leftover roast beef and they were so yummy!)
Mexican Dorito Casserole
Sticky fingers (Taste exactly like wingers sticky fingers!)
Chicken cordon bleu sandwich (easy and delicious!)

Golden Graham S'more Bars
Twix Brownies
Cheesecake Cookie dough bars
Sopapilla Cheesecake
Frosted Banana Cookies (taste like banana bread with a yummy frosting...if you like banana bread I think you will love these!)

I always feel like I make the same dinners over and over so now every week I pick at least one meal to make off my Pinterest Recipe board. On this weeks menu...

Chicken Roll-ups. It is made with crescent rolls, cream cheese, chicken, shredded cheese, and a few other things (how could it not be good?)

S'more Cookie Bars...cant wait to try these! They look so yummy!


Cox Family said... hey I want an invite that looks so good :)

The Johnson Family said...

Love it! That braided pizza looks fun for the kids. We've been using pintrest recipes a ton too! I haven't had a bad one yet. Greatest website ever!!

Ashley Christensen said...

mmmm this post made my tummy growl! Isn't pinterest so awesome?? I haven't used it for the recipes though, I should get on that! I'm so impressed with all the new meals you've tried!