Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pearly Whites

Nate finally had his first trip to the dentist on July 20th. He went to Children's Dental which is really close to our house. They have the cutest waiting area!! Nate had a blast playing as he waited his turn to see the dentist. When it was his turn they had him go through the little kids door which he thought was so cool because it was just his size! The dentist's assistants sat him in a chair and looked at his teeth. He did so good, but then they tried to get an X-ray of the inside of his mouth and he freaked out! I always hate this part at the dentist too! Unfortunately this made him want to leave and go home right then and he hadn't even seen the dentist yet! They brought him back to the room where they had dentist chairs on looking up at the ceiling with tv's playing movies on the ceiling. He laid down and put the head phones on to watch the movie, but then looked over and saw the dentist working on the kids mouth next to him. Nate got nervous and sat up and started to cry. The assistants moved us into another room (I guess they didn't want nate freaking out the other kids ha ha!). The dentist came in and we had to hold him down while the dentist looked at his teeth. Pretty much the whole time he was screaming and finally toward the end he calmed down realizing the dentist was just looking at his teeth. The dentist then brushed them with his magic toothpaste (I have to say it was magic because Nate's teething were sparkling white after the dentist brushed his teeth!) The dentist said Nate's teethed looked great and he had no cavities! Yea! He also couldn't believe he was a thumb sucker! He said he wouldn't have known that by looking at his teeth which made me really relieved!! Nate got a balloon, a new toothbrush, and a book when he left. Oh and really white teeth too!!


Love Sweet Love said...

That's the coolest dentist office I've ever seen! I am dreading taking Kylee to the dentist because I know we'll have to hold her down screaming too!

Cheryl Nelson said...

I want to go to this dentist office myself!!

Amy Pratt said...

Good for nate! It's almost always traumatic the first time. Glad his teeth were healthy, he must get that from his dad. I use to get so mad because Skyler NEVER brushed when we were little and I ALWAYS did and he NEVER had a cavity...(not saying Nate doesn't brush, just saying he got good teeth genetics) My kids are screwed when it comes to that...) I bet you're glad to get that over with.