Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun with Friends

The same day as Nate's first day of preschool we had Nate's friend porter over to play because his mom just had his new baby brother! We picked Porter up after Nate got out of preschool and headed over to McDonalds to play and eat! The boys had so much fun! We were there for almost 2 hours!

When we got home they wanted to play in Nate's swimming pool he got for his birthday. We got their suits on and they headed out for some fun in the sun! Nate's cousins (aka his best friends) came over to play too while their mom was out of town. They got their while Porter and Nate were outside swimming. Of course they wanted to join the fun so I got some of Nate's swimsuits for them to wear! I didn't have a girl swim suit for Josie so I had to improvise (Sorry Amy!)...I think it worked out ok though :)

After a few hours playing outside they came inside and it was time for naps. I was a little skeptic that all 4 kids would go down for a nap, but they did! It was a miracle! I didn't get a picture of Porter and sleeping, but he was zonked at too! Bailey and I got some one on one time in! It was such a fun day for Nate! He loves playing friends!

The next week we had Josie and Dallin over again while their parents were out of town and we had tons of fun. We built a fun tent for them in Nate's room and they played and ate in there for awhile. They could slide down into the tent and they would do that over and over again! Josie has loved Bailey since day one and always wants to hold her! She is so cute! She is gonna be such a good helper for her mom when her new little sister/brother gets here! Dallin never really has shown to much interest in Bailey, but for some reason that day he was by her side the majority of the day! He kept trying to hand her toys and play with her and talk to her...it was cute!


The Johnson Family said...

I LOVE fun play dates! Jake and sure miss you and Nate. They would love playing together! Puh Leeeeez make a trip up here soon with your cute kids. Love ya!

Amy Pratt said...

I love the pictures. And you know me, I'm not one bit worried about the swimsuit, as long as she was happy with it, it works. You are the best aunt EVER! my kids love you and your kids. thanks for everything you have done for us!