Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Nate's first day of Preschool was on 8/23. He goes to Watch Me Grow Preschool and his teacher is Miss Julie. I can't believe he is already old enough to go! Where has the time gone?! Before I know it he will be starting kindergarten! Some tears were definitely shed when I dropped him off! There may or may not have been a few his 2nd day too when he walked up to the door and went into school all by himself like a big boy! He was so excited to go and he wasn't let down! He had a blast!! Everyday he wakes up and asks if it is preschool day. He goes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11. It has been so nice for me! I get so much more done with only one kid at home! It's also nice to have some one on one time with Bailey! She is growing up so fast and its nice to have that! On Nate's first day they made lion masks and when the parents came to pick up their kids they held their masks up to their faced and roared...it was super cute!! Nate told me his teacher had read them a story about lions and thats why they made the masks. Everyday he comes home with a new project he has made and he always wants to hang them up on the fridge when he gets home. I am going to make him a magnet board or some kind of art display (getting some ideas off Pinterest) to hang in the hall way to put all his artwork on. My fridge can't hold it all! He likes the idea of having his own artwork gallery so I am going to have to get one that as soon as I finish Baileys room! I am so close to being done! Hopefully in the next 2 or 3 days it will be done and pictures will be up for you to see!

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Love Sweet Love said...

He IS growing up SOOOO fast! :( That preschool looks super cute!! I loved the lions, what a cute idea!