Monday, September 19, 2011

Football time

It's football season!! This is a busy time of year for us this year! Skyler started coaching football at Pine View High School. He coaches the freshman team which his little brother blake plays on. It's been fun for him to get out there, help with the boys and be apart of the program! We go to watch Blake play on thursdays in the freshman and JV games, the varsity on fridays and Skyler's brother Jesse plays on Saturdays with the Dixie State College team. So we have 3 days of football games and the kids love it! Nate always gets excited to go and Bailey is always so good! Even though the crowds and band are loud she normally sleeps half the game and the other half she is entertain by all the noise and colors! Heres to a good season of football for both PVHS and Dixie State College!

Skyler and Blake's first PVHS football game of the season 8/19 (for some reason on here the arrows are off...its not like that on the actual picture. Blake is #48 and Skyler is the one with the arrow on his head :)

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Love Sweet Love said...

Oh my gosh you have SO many new posts, yay!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Nate and Bailey-SO sweet! AND the picture of Nate's shirt tucked into his underwear AND your family night 4 wheeling! I didn't realize you had made most of the recipes you put on your pinterest page. I was skeptical to try them, but now that I know you have I will definitely be doing so too-especially that garlic bowtie pasta chicken! Love you!

also i've been waiting almost 24 hours for you to play...just in case you forgot it was your turn :)