Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My little Super Hero

Nate loves acting like a super hero. He is always asking me to tie blankets around his neck for a cape. Well the other day he discovered my nursing cover makes a great cape (I need to make him his very own cape...its on my long list of things to do and make!) He had his super hero goggles on which I guess give him extra powers! Love that kid!


Cheryl Nelson said...

He is such a cutie!

Amy Pratt said...

I love it! Did you see the super hero cape made out of one of dad's t-shirts, no sewing, just use the collar as the part around the neck and cut the shirt out! I will find it for you, super easy! And Nate would love it!

Madsen Updates said...

haha..that's perfect!!
I'm actually in the process of making my boys some capes but i'm saving them for Christmas. I guess until then I should pull out my nursing covers :)