Monday, February 13, 2012

The end of January

Jan 26th: Nothing to excited happened today so the only picture I took was the picture I took for the Instagram Photo Challenge a Day. The challenge was lunch. Here is Nate and I eating our lunch for the day.

Jan 27th: I got called to be an Activity day leader a few months ago and I love my calling!! I am over the 10/11 year olds and they are so fun! We did a Where's Waldo activity at the mall today. While we were waiting for some of the helpers rides the girls were taking turns/fighting over who got to hold Bailey! They all love her so much and they are so good with her! Its fun watching them interact with her! They are all going to make such great moms!

That night I went out with one of my friends to have a girls night! It was a lot of fun and nice to get out and do girl things! We went and got pedicures and had dinner at cafe rio! Love you Shawna!

Jan 28th: A simple saturday...we did some housework today and took the kids to Mc Donald's for lunch. That night there was a gorgeous sunset while Sky and Nate were out working/playing in the backyard

Jan 29th: A typical sunday of going to church. When we got home all took naps and made chocolate chip cookies...yum!

Jan 30th: Nate so badly wants Bailey to be able to walk and run and play with him. So he is always trying to help her out! I prefer her to not walk until she is 1 ;)

Nate and his friends from next door love to play together! They are always going back and forth between our houses! They have a fun trampoline and we both have fun outdoor playgrounds. After getting all hot and sweaty outside the love to come inside and play nerf guns and super mario on the wii!

Jan 31st: Bailey loves digging into the fake tree I have in my kitchen! I am always finding moss all over the floor! Today she was caught red handed when I heard the tree fall, but how can you get mad at a cute smile like that!!

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alena said...

Haha, I love the pictures of Nate and his friends playing on the Wii!