Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 years

Feb 10th: Today was Skyler and I's 5 year anniversary!! I am one lucky girl to be married to that boy!! It's crazy to look back on the last 5 years! We have been through a lot together and I couldn't imagine going through it all with out him! He told me a few days before our anniversary that we were going to celebrate it on the 11th because he had a surprised planned and it was going to take the afternoon and night and that he had babysitting arrangements all taken care of! Talk about a great husband! Sounded great to me! The morning of our anniversary after he left for work I went into shower and found a card sitting by my sink. It had the number 5 all over was so cute! He is always so good about writing cards, notes and letters and always knows just what to say to make me feel special! One of my favorite things about holidays is getting the letter or card he writes me! They are something I can treasure forever!

It was such a pretty day and the weather was perfect so the kids and I decided we would go steal dad for lunch and go eat at the park. We got to the office, but his grandpa had beat us to it! He was already at lunch, but he said he would meet us at the park when they were done. So much for a surprise lunch ha ha! He got to the park and we relaxed and hung out and watched Nate play while we soaked in the sun.

When we got home I got busy setting up my present for him. I had printed about 50 pictures of the 2 of us over the last 5 years and on the back of every picture I wrote a reason why I loved him. I was going to get balloons and hang all the pictures from them, but to get 50 balloons is pretty pricey! I opted instead to just hang them from string all over our ceiling! On the front of our bedroom door I put a sign saying "I love you because.." so when he would open the door he would see the pictures hanging with some of the reasons why I love him. On the back of one picture I put my anniversary gift to him which was a gift certificate good for an 18 hole round of golf. When he got home from work and went to head to the bedroom to change clothes he saw the sign and said ooh whats this?! When he opened the door I explained to him that his gift was on the back of one of the pictures so to find it he had to go through them. It took him half of the pictures to find it, but when he did he didn't stop and open the envelop to see what the gift was right away. I said you found it and he said I know, but I want finish reading and looking at all the pictures. Made me feel good that he wasn't just concerned about the gift, but he wanted to read and look at the pictures more! Have I mentioned he is a great husband, and I love him?!

He then brought me my gift and it was a cell phone cover for my phone!! I have been wanting one and I love the one he picked out! He knows me too well! Since we were doing the celebrating the next day we ordered Outback to go instead of going out. It was so yummy! It was 830 so the kids were in bed and we were able to eat our meal in peace was nice! Heres to many many more wonderful years with the man I love!