Monday, February 20, 2012


Feb 14th: Nate had preschool in the morning today so we were in a rush to get him ready and out the door so we didn't do any big breakfast festivities this morning. I just got him ready for preschool and snapped some quick pictures of my 3 cute valentines right before they headed out the door!

When I picked Nate up from preschool we came home and he found a note from Cupid that sent him on a scavenger hunt (one of his favorite things!) to find his present and who is secret valentine was. He did great with the hunt and new exactly where to go to find each clue. It was so cute watching him excitedly run around and then find is present after 6 clues. He found out that I was his secret valentine and he got a big bug, a bug jar to keep bugs he finds outside in, and tennis balls to use with his metal baseball bat. He was so cute as he pulled each thing out and then afterwards saying "Thanks for my present mom, I love it!"

Bailey is a little young for a scavenger hunt, but she did get a new skirt from her secret valentine too :) When Skyler got home from work he found a little surprise note on the bed which was made using some conversation candy hearts. I took him out for a night on the town while Grandma came over and babysat. Nate had blast playing valentine bingo, the wii, and glow frisbee with grandma while we were gone. Skyler and I went out to eat at Pasta Factory (per his request), then we drove around and went up to the "arrow" (the place he took me the first time we went out). We stayed there and talked for awhile enjoying looking at the stars and not having the kids running around! It was a great night! Love the month a february because we always get to spend so much time together with V-day and our anniversary!

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cnelson said...

What a fun day! Nate and I did have such a fun time together! You can feel free to crop me out of that pic, however.