Friday, February 17, 2012


Feb 1st: Skyler was out at basketball tonight so it was just me and the kids. Nate wanted to take a picture of Bailey and I and it led to a bunch of pictures being taking. Love my two little munchkins!
Feb 2nd: We went over to see Grandma and Grandpa today! It was such a nice day so Grandpa took Nate to the park by their house. Bailey was so tired and I couldn't get her to fall asleep in my arms! I then got the idea to try putting her in her carseat and sitting it on the drier while it was on...worked like a charm!! She slept the entire hour the drier was on! That gave my mom and I time to play some games kid free!

My dad sent me this picture of Nate at the park

That night Nate and Bailey were playing. I love when they play and laugh together...sometimes Nate gets a little rough her though! She is going to be on tuff little girl growing up with a brother like Nate! This video of them is the perfect example...all fun and games with a little roughness :)

Feb 3rd: We went to watch Uncle Blake play basketball tonight. After the game we were getting ready to leave and he was on Skyler's shoulders. He reached up to grab the basket but couldn't reach the rim. Skyler lifted him up and he hung there for a minute. It was pretty funny!

Feb 4: Skyler was gone this morning so we went to feed the horses for him. While I was feeding Nate went wondering around and came running back saying "Mom, come look!" I said ok just a minute what is it! He said "they have bulls here now...come here I will show you!" I walked over and looked. Good thing they were just cows and not bulls...would have made me a little more nervous having him wandering around if there were bulls near by! After feeding the cows we went over to Grandmas and got our hair done! Nate got his cut and I got mine colored! Nate used to freak out so bad every time he got a hair cut and we tried giving him everything and distracting him in every way possible and nothing would work! Just recently (within the last few months) he has started to be calm and freak out! He still tenses up every once in awhile but all in all he does great and it is such a relief! I used to dread getting his hair cut so bad!

Feb 5th: After church we went over to Skyler's moms to watch the super bowl and eat lots of yummy food! I forgot to take a picture of all the yummy food so I only have one of some people watching the game. I just realized that Bailey turned 8 months bad I didn't take any pictures of her ha ha!

Feb 6th: Grandma Tammy gave the kids some new outfits the night before and Nate was so excited! He wanted to wear it the second she gave it to him and it was torture for him to have to wait until morning! The first thing he asked me when he woke up is if he could wear his new clothes! He put them on and I got Bailey in her new outfit and they both looked so darling! We took some pictures to send grandma so she could see how cute they looked in their new outfits!

We did lots of fun stuff today. First Nate wanted to paint, then he played outside with Max. They were playing in dog was pretty funny! There wasn't much room for both of them! It was such a nice day so we decided to walk down to the park and go look at the fish in the pond. Later that night the kids had fun wrestling and playing with Dad! Its always so fun when he is home!

Feb 7th: I babysat 2 cute girls from our ward today! The older one is 2 and the baby is 6 months. I was a little nervous to have 4 kids under the age of 3, but they all did great!! Their parents dropped them off about 1:30 and they all played so good together. Her mom told me she takes a nap about 2:30, but she wasn't sure if she would good down since it was a new place and she sleeps in a crib at home. Right about 2:30 I showed her Bailey's room and asked her if she wanted to take a nap in Baileys crib and she excitedly said yes! I went and laid her down in it and she laid right down and feel right to sleep...awesome! I then told Nate to go lay down in his bed and 5 minutes later he was asleep...awesome! Then I was left with the 2 babies and they were playing good, but I could tell the baby was starting to get sleepy. I rocked her in my arms and she was asleep in 5 minutes...awesome! So within 30 minutes I had 3 of the 4 kids asleep!! Doesn't surprise me that Bailey was the one that was awake! She is not the best sleeper! Its ok though because she just played happily on the floor! Nate slept until 4:45. They baby slept until 5 and Raya slept until her mom got there at 5:30! It turned out to be the easiest babysitting job ever!!

Later that night Skyler surprised me with bringing me home some ice cream...yum! Love him!

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alena said...

You just have the cutest kids ever. They get it from their favorite aunt I bet (hint: I'm talking about me)