Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Mario

Feb 12th: Nate has been OBSESSED with playing super mario lately. He asks me everyday if we can play it. Luckily he gets board with it after about 30 minutes to a hour so its not an all day type thing that he just wants to sit and play nonstop (I know kids like that and thankful he is not one!). During the time he does play he gets so intense and it's so funny to watch him play! He jumps around because I think he thinks if he jumps his guy will ha ha! When he wants it to go one direction he will start walking that way or turning the remote more that direction.

Me playing with wii with him

Feb 13th: I videoed a little clip of him playing super mario today and it captures a lot of him doing those funny little things!

That night we got his valentines all ready for his preschool class. He wrote is name on the back of all 20 valentines! I was so proud of him!

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