Monday, February 20, 2012

The celebration

Feb. 11th: Today was the day Skyler told me he had a surprise for me and I was looking forward to spending an afternoon and night with just him! We went and dropped off the kids at his moms house at about 2 and then we got in the car. We headed to the gas station and filled up and I asked him where we were headed. It didn't really tell me, but when we started heading south on the freeway I guessed Vegas and he finally told me I was right. I was excited! When we got down there we went shopping at the Vegas outlets and I got some shirts. Then we headed towards the strip and went and toured the newer part of it. It has been awhile since we have been there so The Cosmopolitan and Aria were new to us. They were so nice!

After wondering around for awhile like 2 love birds holding hands we started to get hungry and sat down to find a restaurant on Skyler's phone. I told him I didn't want to go somewhere really nice where the portion sizes were small and you paid a fortune for it! We wanted to find a steakhouse. The app we were looking at had rankings of the restaurants and then showed $ signs to show how expensive it was 5 being the most expensive. A lot of them had 4 or 5 stars, but then we saw one that was ranked just about 5 stars that only had 3 dollar signs and it was close. It was in the Monte Carlo so we walked over to it. It was called Brand Steakhouse. When we got to it and the girl asked if we were ready to be seated a guy in a suit came over and took the menus and showed us to our seats. We looked at each other thinking this was probably going to be more pricer then we thought, but went with it. We sat down and the host put a napkin in my lap and handed us our menus and left. We opened it and to our surprise it was way more expensive then we ever thought and would be the most we have paid for a meal in our lives! I laughed said we could get up and leave and go somewhere else, but Skyler insisted that we stay. He said we don't ever treat ourselves and we don't ever do stuff like this so we might as well sit down and enjoy it! All the steaks were about $50 and the chicken was $40! We found a steak on the menu that was $50, but it was 20 oz! That was plenty to feed the 2 of us so we decided to share that and order 2 sides ($9 each!). The waiter told us they were known for having the best mac and cheese so we said we better order that and then we also got a baked potato. When our food came and we started eating I was in heaven! It was AMAZING!! Their mac and cheese was the best I have ever tasted and the steak was so so yummy!! Even though it was expensive it was worth every penny! It was the perfect ending to our night in vegas! We left stuffed and satisfied and headed back home. We got back about 11 pm and picked up kids and headed home to crash for the night. It was such a fun little trip! I am so thankful for Skyler and everything he does for me and our family! I love him and so glad he is mine for eternity!!

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