Monday, May 14, 2012


April 1st: It was conference sunday and to help Nate pay attention I made a conference bingo for him that morning. It helped him a lot to listen to the first half bunt towards the end he started getting antsy! We sat down on the couch 5 minutes before the 2nd session started and when the session started I looked over and saw both Skyler and Nate zonked out! Bailey was asleep in her crib too. So it was just me watching the 2nd session for the first half of it.

That night we went over to Skyler's moms for dinner and while we were eating Nate was complaining that his ear hurt. I told him that if was still hurting in the morning we would go to the doctor. He went to go play and then he came back about 5 minutes later screaming that is ear hurt really bad and we needed to go to the doctor right now! We put a warm rag on it to see if it would help, but it only worked for about a minute and he was back to crying again. We took him to the doctor and the doctor said his ears were super red and he definitely had a bad ear infection. He proscribed him some antibiotics and sent us on our way.  This made the 3rd doctors visit for us within a week! Hate when my kids are sick!

April 3rd: I started buying a thing like bountiful baskets, but I get it from a ladies house thats in a neighborhood close to mine. We get a basket full of fruit and veggie type stuff every other tuesday. The baskets cost $16.50 and you get a tone of stuff! This is what I got in my first basket :)

April 4th: We went to watch Skyler play in the semi-finals for the St. George basketball league. They won this game taking them to the finals, but the lost that game which made them 2nd place overall! Way to go Skyler!

April 5th: Bailey turned 10 months today! I can't believe how fast time flies! She was in the bath tub when I took this picture and I love it so much!! It shows her big blue eyes perfectly! I love her adorable smile and her cute 2 front teeth!! Love this girl to pieces!!

April 6th: Alena didn't have school so she came over and played with us at our house. Nate loves his Aunt Alena!

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