Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hanging out

March 20th: The next few days after my brother got home consisted of a lot of days of just hanging out and it was a blast!!

We all met up at Red Robin for lunch and it was oh so yummy!

Love this girl!

Kylee was in love with Bailey! It was so cute!

That afternoon we went to the park by my moms house. It has a big hill and the kids were rolling and running down it. It looked like fun so Angela and I decided to join in on the fun :)
Then we got a little crazy and started doing jumps into the sand pit after each run. Alena joined us and got the coolest leaping picture award!
Once the kids were asleep it was game time!! Whenever the fam is in town this it what its like every night until at least midnight and most the time later than that! Games + snacks = Nelson family nights

March 21st: Alena had school, Amanda had gone back home and Ty was out with his buddies. That left Angela and I at Five Guys and we had ourselves a little shopping trip! Thanks mom for watching Nate, Tyler and Kylee!
March 22nd: We took the kids to the splash pad out on Main Street. Tyler and Kylee had never been and it was our first time going this year! It was a HUGE hit! The kids had a blast and we were there for hours and if it were up to them we would have probably stayed a few more!

When we got back to Grandmas the kids were in need of some quiet time! They all cuddled up on the couch to get warm and watch a movie!

Why they were watching the movie my mom went to the park by her house and hid a bunch of easter eggs! Every year she has done an easter egg hunt for the grandkids. It was a week early this year, but they loved it nonetheless!!

At the end of the egg hunt she also hides a little easter gift for each of them and sends them on a scavenger hunt to find them! They love it every year!

Later that night when Angela was putting her kids to bed and we were waiting for Skyler to come pick up Nate and Bailey to take them home. Alena read him some stories while we waited...she is an awesome auntie!

Grandpa was entertaining Bailey on the other couch! They sure make some cute baldies :)

March 23rd: Once again we ate out for lunch (definitely gained 5lbs this week!). We went and picked up Alena from school and stole her for a girls lunch at Frost Top! Yum!

When we got home from lunch the kids helped grandma plant her garden! They loved it and Nate is obsessed with it! Every time we go to grandmas now he has to go out and see how the plants are doing!

That night we were all just hanging out in the family room and noticed Bailey had been off crawling around for awhile. We went looking for her, we found her with a pudding cup she had gotten out of the trash and she was going to town on it! It was so funny! She sure did love it!

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