Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Family Picture Day

My side of the family has never taken professional family pictures before and now that everyone was home and together for the first time in years my mom wanted to make sure she had some done. My sister in law Alyssa Ence is a professional photographer and we had her take them for us. She did a great job and we love how they turned out! The kids did a good job cooperating with us and giving us a smile. The majority of them were cheesy but they were trying and it made the picture session go a lot smoother and super fast. We were done in less than an hour and we got some great shots! 

I painted Bailey's nails for the first time...they turned out so cute!!

First our family got there and we took some of just our family while we waited for everyone else to get there.

Then we got some of Angela's cute little family

The grandkids

Individuals of all the kids

The sibilings


 The original 7 :)

Wow we have grown! LOVE what our big happy family has become!!

The session ended with the grandparents with grandkids, all the boys, and all the girls

And thats a wrap! Thanks again to our amazing photographer Alyssa Ence! You can find her amazing work here!

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Amy Pratt said...

SO SO cute! I love them all! You are so beautiful...