Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The big day - Welcome Home Elder Nelson!

Today was the day! We could all hardly wait for Ty to come home! It had been over 2 and a half years since we had all been together as a family because my sister had left on her mission 6 months before Ty did! We made signs for the kids and they colored them! Nate drew a picture of Ty, Tyler and himself all with strong muscles! It was so cute! I wish I would have got a close up picture of it!
My mom was so excited she couldn't help but be overcome with emotion while waiting anxiously in the airport.

Us sisters were so excited too!

Waiting anxiously

Can you see him??

Hello Elder Nelson!!

First time seeing Bailey and I wasn't even holding her :) Thanks Grandma Olson for holding her why I took pictures!


Nate was so shy and didn't want to go say hi, but after Skyler bribed him he finally got up enough courage :)


Ty with all his nieces and nephews

First time holding Bailey (maybe that is why he is holding her so awkward ;)

Welcome Home!!

Once Nate got over the initial fear of saying hi he was all about being with Ty!

It's so fun having this cute guy home! Love you Ty!

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Amy Pratt said...

This is so fun! It makes me so excited, and yet my emotions are all over the place about seeing Justin. It's going to be awesome to be together again. So glad he's home safely.