Sunday, May 20, 2012

Park and Rivier

April 9th: The older kids had out of school for easter break so we went to the splash park with Shawna and Jayz. While the kids were off playing Bailey was being so cute and giving me kisses and watching all the kids play! Love my sweet little girl!

April 10th: Since last night was family night and skyler had a softball game we went and watched him play. Tuesday night we decided to go out and do something fun because the weather was great! We had Skyler's grandparents ranger in our garage and we packed in and headed down to the river by our house to play around in.

April 11th: I went over and helped my sister in law pack up her house because they decided to move to vernal that same week!

April 12th: I had Dallin come over and play while Josie was at preschool so Amy could pack things without the kids home. We had fun going to mcdonalds and the park! The boys were loving the toys they got from mcdonalds!

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