Monday, May 14, 2012

Easter Weekend/Nate's Birthday

April 7th: In the morning we had a neighborhood easter hunt and breakfast. We made muffins and brought them. Nate loved hunting for eggs and Bailey was so good to sit in her stroller the majority of the time!

Once that was done we headed to the Ence family annual Easter party at Quintons house. The kids swam and loved it! It was Nate's first time swimming this year and he was a little fish in the water and completely trusted the floats right off the bat! After swimming and eating they did an egg hunt for the kids. He found a ton of eggs which had both candy and money!! Once he returned the empty eggs they got a price and he picked out a jet which is now one of his new favorite toys!

Nate loved hanging out with his cousins and they were inseparable the whole time we were there!

When we got home Bailey was completely exhausted and took an awesome nap!

That night after we put the kids to bed it was time to play easter bunny and get all ready for Nate's birthday the next day!

About midnight everything was done and we headed to bed!

Nate woke up at 4am and freaked out because he was "trapped" in his room!! He woke up Bailey in the mean time and i started to regret putting the streamers on his door for his birthday. Then when he woke up in the morning and saw it when he was more awake he loved it! He loved running through it and popping all the balloons! After he popped all the balloons on the ground he popped the 4 that were hanging and they each had a dollar in them. He was so excited he got 4 dollars since he was turning 4! When he finished he said "This is the best birthday ever!!" Which made everything all worth it in the end!!

Nate with his birthday balloons holding up 4 fingers since he was turning 4!

We opened easter baskets and Nate loved the dinosaurs, snake, chocolate bunny, lighting mcqueen bubbles, and tie he got! He helped bailey go through her basket too. She mainly loved chewing on the candy wrapper.

Then Nate opened his birthday presents! He loved everything he got! It was so fun watching him open his presents! He is at such a fun age! 

Then we hurried and got ready for church. I tried to take a quick picture of them in their new easter tie and dress, but Bailey wasn't having it!!

During sunday school Bailey need to be fed and so I took her into the mothers lounge and fed her. She was acting so cute while i was putting myself back together after feeding her. She was smiling so big at herself in the mirror and then she would give herself kisses.  I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of her in the bathroom before we went back to class.

When we got home we took a few pictures of us in our easter outfits.

After church we ate lunch and took naps and then headed to grandmas to eat dinner just like we do every sunday! She had made birthday cupcakes and Nate loved it when we sang happy birthday to him and then he got to blow out the candle.

Since it was easter too she did an easter egg hunt for the kids. They loved finding all the easter eggs! Even Bailey found one!

We had such a fun weekend celebrating easter and Nate's birthday! All day on Nate's birthday he kept saying this is the best birthday ever! I even got it on video one time.

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